SCCS swim team not backing down

SCCS swimmers Hannah Froerer and Jacy Rodriguez are the lone swimmers for the Cardinals. Photo courtesy Natalie Clapper
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Fielding just two swimmers on the roster, Santa Clarita Christian School’s Jacy Rodriguez and Lauren Froerer provided enough firepower in Heritage League meet No. 2 held at the Castaic Aquatics Center on Friday and a non-league meet at Maranatha High School on Tuesday.

Finishing in first or second place in every race that they swam, the two Cardinals swimmers proved that they will not back down from any challenge.

“Sometimes it can be a little intimidating because we know we are not going to actually win a meet because we don’t have enough students to score, but it’s also been really fun being that it’s just us three at each swim meet,” said SCCS head coach Natalie Clapper. “We are small, but it’s still a fun opportunity for the girls to get to compete at the high school level.”

Transferring from Trinity Classical Academy, Rodriguez, a junior, jumped into the pool for the first time as a Cardinal and placed first in the 50-yard free and second in the 100-yard freestyle.

“That was Jacy’s first meet and the Heritage League meet No. 2 as she is a transfer from Trinity this year, so it was super exciting for her to place one and two right out of the gates,” Clapper said.

The senior Froerer took home two first-place finishes, winning the 100-yard backstroke and the 100-yard butterfly for CIF consideration time.

“Lauren has more swimming experience overall and I think her confidence will ease Jacy and her transition,” Clapper said. “Also just seeing both girls step up, obviously they are the only two on the team, but to jump in a captain’s position and interact with the officials and the other coaches has been really cool to see.”

The two SCCS swimmers also swam in a three-school meet with Whittier Christian and Maranatha High School held at Maranatha on Tuesday.

Froerer swam well in the 100-yard backstroke qualifying for CIF with her finishing time while Rodriguez is still vying for her chance to qualify, but both still have work to do.

“Lauren’s goal is to get that automatic time in her 100-yard butterfly just she like she has in the 100-yard backstroke,” Clapper said. “Jacy would just like to qualify with a consideration time. Jacy is a sprinter possibly looking at swimming in the 200-yard freestyle, but right now she’s just needing to drop a couple of seconds before the end of the season.”

Heritage League meet No. 3 will be at 4 p.m. on Friday at the Castaic Aquatics Center.

“Lauren swam her freshman and sophomore year and took last year off, but she jumped right in when Jacy wanted to swim so it’s been fun to see other students reaction to the fact that we actually do have a swim team and show interest,” Clapper said. “Hopefully, in the coming years we can have at least four girls next year so they can have a relay team will be our ultimate goal.”

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