UPDATE: News chopper hits bird, lands at Six Flags

News chopper lands at Six Flags. courtesy photo.

A Channel 4 NBCLA news helicopter made a safe emergency landing at Six Flags Magic Mountain late Thursday night after the pilot hit a bird.

No human injuries were reported.

A statement issued by the producers of NBCLA reads: “Newschopper4 Alpha was struck by a bird tonight. It made a safe and precautionary landing at Magic Mountain.”

A newsroom staffer at the TV station said the bird hit a blade of the chopper.

“As a precaution, he landed it, got out, did a visual inspection,” he said.

The news chopper flew to Whiteman Airport, in Pacoima, late Thursday night.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials were advised that a helicopter would be making the landing at around 10:30 p.m., according to Lt. Richard Cartmill Thursday night.

No assistance was requested from sheriff’s officials, he said, adding the notification was “just an advisement.”

An LASD aerial unit also stopped by the scene as a precaution, but there was no call for service.

Fire officials also noted there was no call for service, confirming no one appeared to have been injured in the incident.

“They never called us on it,” said Supervisor Jeremy Stafford of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

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