Stolen gun, fake money and drugs for sale seized by special Sheriff’s team

Items seized allegedly from man arrested by the Summer Crime Enforcement Team. photo courtesy the SCV Sheriff's Station.
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A new sheriff’s patrol team has been put together for the summer and, wasting little time, made an arrest Thursday, seizing a loaded stolen gun, fake money and drugs.

Each year, the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station assembles a sergeant and five deputies for the Summer Crime Enforcement Team.

The team began its patrols across the SCV two weeks ago, under the direction of former Special Enforcement Bureau member Sgt. Mike Pokorny.

The SEB, similar to a SWAT team, handles  high-risk tactical operations involving barricaded suspects, hostage situations and high-risk warrant services.

This summer, Pokorny heads up the this year’s SCE team.

“They’re tasked with carrying out extra patrols,” Shirley Miller, spokeswoman for the SCV Sheriff’s Station said Thursday.

She called the group an “extra team supplementing what we have already.”

Now that school’s out, the Summer Crime Enforcement Team is in full swing.

On Thursday, the team was patrolling a stretch of Seco Canyon Road.

“They spotted something suspicious down a side street,” Miller said. “And, when they checked it out they found loaded firearm in the car.”

“(The firearm) came back stolen,” she said, noting the team arrested a convicted felon who lives in San Fernando, seized the loaded gun, counterfeit money and methamphetamine allegedly for sales.

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