The Rock Santa Clarita plans Mother’s Day message

Courtesy image: Francesca Phillippi

The Rock Santa Clarita will integrate into their services a special Mother’s Day message of thanks on Sunday.

“We always take time to celebrate the moms,” said lead pastor Francesca Phillippi. “We’re going to be giving them See’s candy bars and spend a few moments to honor them to say, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ We take time in our normal service, then the big thing is photos.”

Along with giving thanks, there will also be a prayer for all mothers, inside the church and beyond, she said. The church will have a photo backdrop set up with the help of professional photographer Raelyn Elizabeth. Following normal 10 a.m. services, families can have their photos taken together. Within a week, Elizabeth’s photography studio will send a digital file of each photo to families if they want their own copy to download, Phillippi said.

Phillippi will lead services along with her husband, Ryan.

The Rock is one of multiple churches across California, Michigan and Missouri. Other church campuses in California will hold similar Mother’s Day celebrations during their services, Phillippi said.

“It’s open to anyone who wants to come, not specific to any faith or to our church,” she said.

About 125 congregationalists and their extended family members are expected to attend, she added. The church wants all who attend to feel a sense of community among friends and family, and to connect and grow, Phillippi said.

The Rock is located at 26860 Seco Canyon Road in Saugus.

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