West Ranch invites community to 2019 Space Symposium

A picture of the West Ranch High School high altitude weather balloon showing the curvature of the Earth. Courtesy Photo.

The students of the West Ranch High’s Honors Astronomy class are inviting the community to attend the 2019 Space Symposium being hosted on their school’s campus Tuesday.

The event is set to allows students to highlight their learning and experimentation from throughout the semester as a result of the year long course they’ve been taking at school, according to Christine Hirst, WRHS astronomy teacher and an event coordinator.

“Additionally, this mimics a real space conference, and features NASA mission directors and lead scientists as judges,” said Hirst. “This collaboration between students and industry professionals allows students to connect their experience to their future.”

The event will mimic the NBC show “The Voice,” and students will compete against one another by showcasing their research videos they themselves created detailing their science project,” Hirst said.

“There are no other schools in the region (or state really) that offer students the chance to design space experiments in order to investigate science,” said Hirst. “The symposium tonight is really the extension of this unique learning experience, and connected to the practice of scientific discovery and sharing of information.”

Hirst added that the event is free to students, and comes on the heels of recently launching a high altitude balloon. This is the first time the school has hosted a symposium-style conference before in regards to engineering-based astronomy.

“Educating the next generation affects everyone, and the news typically only features horrendous stories;  this event is an opportunity to celebrate what can truly be accomplished by and for students,” said Hirst. “Whether you are a parent, student, community member or lover of science, this event will captivate your curiosity and make you wish you could take this class.”

The event is scheduled to take place from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21 in the West Ranch High School theater.

For more information about the event email [email protected] or message the West Ranch Astronomy program at @wrastronomy.

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