Ash & Ella reunited: pup sold by ex while owner was at work returned

Ashley Farley and her pup, Ella. Courtesy photo, Ashley Farley.

The spiteful ex-boyfriend was dead wrong when he told Ashley Farley she would never see her beloved Pomeranian pup “Ella” again after informing her that he sold the dog while she was at work.

On Wednesday, after scores of media outlets carried the story of Ella being sold on Craigslist, the dog buyers caught a glimpse of a newscast as they prepared for bed, then alerted Farley immediately by phone, reuniting Ashley with Ella.

“I thought it was a dream,” Farley said about finding Ella. “But, she slept with me all night long and, in the morning, she was there.”

The reunion began Wednesday night, she said, just as KCBS was airing her story — which was first reported in Tuesday’s edition of The Signal — and the couple who bought Ella was preparing for bed.

“CBS was airing the story and this couple was walking by their bed and saw it,” Farley said. “They watched it and then they called me. They said, ‘We have your dog.’

“I started crying. I woke up my roommate. She started crying. I said, ‘We’re going to get her.”

Farley checked with the dog-buying couple to see if it was OK to come by and pick her up.

“I got there at midnight,” Farley said Friday. “I came through the gate and the woman says, ‘Ella, look it’s your mom.’

“The lady was crying. I was crying,” she said. “I saw Ella. Ella looked at me. She was kissing me.”

Ella, she learned, had struck up a friendship with the couple’s other pup, Charlie.

“They were the nicest couple,” Farley said of the dog buyers. “They got attached to Ella but they said it was the right thing to do.”

“I’m so lucky,” she said. “If it wasn’t for you (media) guys this would not have happened.”

Farley said friends have been phoning and texting her to say how proud they were of her to go public with her story in such an aggressive and determined way.  

“I am so thankful for everybody who helped,” she said.

Media outlets as far away as England ran the story of Ashley’s search for her dog.

Farley said she now wants to show her gratitude to the couple who alerted her. “I’m going to talk to the same breeder and get them puppies. They were so nice.”

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