Deputy shot in Alhambra dies in the hospital

LASD Deputy Joseph Solano
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Despite what was described as a valiant effort by doctors and nurses to save the life of a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot in the head and gravely wounded, Deputy Joseph Solano died in the hospital Wednesday.

“It was time to make a somber and sad announcement,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a news conference late Wednesday afternoon.

With Solano’s family in attendance, Villanueva delivered the news.
“Deputy Joseph Solano passed away this afternoon despite the valient efforts by LCMC,” he said.

“They worked diligently around the clock these last two days, trying to do a miracle but, unfortunately, that did not come to pass.

“What did come to pass, was our understanding the significance of the loss of Deputy Solano,” he said.

Solano was shot inside a Jack in the Box restaurant in Alhambra on Monday. A Utah man was arrested on suspicion of murder Tuesday.

“For myself, this is … ” Villanueva said, stepping away from the microphone, a shakiness in his voice.

“This is a moment that I dread, and it happened sooner than I thought,” he said, his voice quivering.

“Deputy Solano did what we expect every deputy to do. He confronted a threat, not knowing what it was, and in a split second lost his life.”

Villanueva, who was pulled away from a town hall meeting in the Santa Clarita Valley Monday night as a result of the shooting, updated reporters Tuesday afternoon on the arrest, and shared details of the incident.

Homicide detectives arrested a suspect in the shooting late Tuesday afternoon.

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