Higher Vision unveils Kidventure

Ryan Mancini/The Signal Higher Vision Church’s Kidventure, which is designed for children and families, is based on an idea from lead pastor Jared Ming. The church raised $2.8 million to create the immersive playrooms.

Higher Vision Church held the grand opening for its new expansion for children and families, called Kidventure, on June 1-2 and 8-9.

Based on an idea from lead pastor Jared Ming, Higher Vision raised $2.8 million to create immersive, 1930s-era themed playrooms that will feature staff members dressed in character, the sound of planes, trains and ships overhead and around the room, as well as decorative rooms, such as one inspired by New York City’s Grand Central Station.

“When you walk into the room, it’s uniquely designed by our team with icons from that part of the world,” said lead pastor Jared Ming. “It’s three-dimensional on the walls, it’s not just painted. So they really get a sense of the globe and traveling around the world, everything down to the floor and the walls and every room has three-dimensional clouds or tree covers. It’s this experience of adventure.”

Each room features landmarks across several continents, with one room resembling Asia and featuring the Great Wall of China, while another room resembling Europe has a three-dimensional La Sagrada Familia emerging from the wall adjacent to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

At the center of the dock is the “aquarium,” a room with the sound system and activities designed specifically for the church’s special needs program.

The final part of Kidventure close to completion is Play Junction, a large room with several interactive games and activities set between life-sized vehicles. This includes a train emerging from a tunnel, an English double-decker bus, the two-story tall front of a ship and a 1930s-style plane hanging from the ceiling.

“Our hope is to really open this facility up beyond the weekend,” Ming said. “On the weekend our (children’s) ministry will be meeting up in there, but during the week we really want to be a Chuck-E.-Cheese-meets-Scooter’s-Jungle kind of experience, where kids and families can come, do birthday parties (and) kids can play in play areas.”

With the addition of Play Junction in the fall, the church hopes to open up Kidventure during the week to the public. The price for admission has not yet been determined, Ming said.

“I think we got the effect we’ve been looking for,” he said. “It’s been fun watching everybody experience it the last two weekends. It’s going to be cool to have people come, and I’m excited for the next phase, as well.”

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