UPDATE: Motorist stops at Canyon Country business, defecates on driveway then drives off

LASD car. Signal file photo.
LASD car. Signal file photo.

When the owner of Your Mailbox Direct arrived at work on Soledad Canyon Road at Furnivall Avenue, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The owner, N. March, found a “large” pile of excrement where customers park their cars.

At first, he suspected a transient he’s previously caught urinating on his property.

Then he watched the video footage captured by his surveillance camera, and what he saw shocked him even further: a fairly new model white Mercedes pulled into his parking lot, and a young woman wearing a sparkly, tight one-piece dress, short as a mini-skirt, hop out of the driver’s seat.

The video shows the woman walking briskly to the front of the car. Then, in the glare of the headlights, she apparently relieves herself, walks around the car on the passenger side, gets something from the backseat, climbs into the driver’s seat and drives off.

“I’ve caught (a transient) pissing by the trash cans,” March said, noting he regularly finds needles in his planter. “I thought if I can catch him on video, I could get a restraining order.”

After he watched the video, however, his thought was: “That poor lady, she had to go so badly.”

Adding, “it’s not who I expected it to be. I was pretty surprised.”

Since the time stamp on the surveillance video registered 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, March suspects the woman had just come from a nearby club that let out.

“She probably just couldn’t make it home,” March said.

March called deputies at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station who are now reviewing the surveillance footage, which clearly shows the car’s license plate.

“We did receive a call this morning for an incident on the 20600 block of Soledad Canyon Road,” said Shirley Miller, spokeswoman for the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

“The caller reported a female adult got out of a Mercedes and defecated in front of the business, and then left,” she said.

March knew something was up when he saw the toilet paper.

“‘This is not a dog,’ I thought, ‘This is a person,’” March said.

His wife, Robin Sandoval, equally disgusted by the incident, said about the couple’s mail box business: “So many people drop off packages here every day, but not like this.”

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