Valencia church to welcome child author and musician for ‘Youth Takeover’

Jevin Smith, left, and Pastor Swanzi Saunders of Valencia Christian Center are preparing for the next Fresh Look Youth Takeover at Valencia Christian Center on June 30, 2019. Courtesy image: Terry Mitchell Collier
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Valencia Christian Center will be letting children run the show during its upcoming Fresh Look Youth Takeover at The Canyon Santa Clarita in Valencia on Sunday. 

“What we do is every sixth Sunday, we allow the youth of our congregation to actually take over, head up and produce service that day,” said Terry Mitchell Collier, media and marketing director. “It gives the youth the opportunity to lead with a youthful point of view.”

The center is working in partnership with Noah’s Ark Publishing to present the Youth and Young Adult Ministry event, which will feature musician, author and 12-year-old prodigy Kaleya Ervin. She will discuss her new book, “Now I See: Wonder Child’s Gifts of Vision and Music,” and sit down for an interview with content creator Jevin Smith.

Ervin, who is almost completely blind due to having Salzmann’s nodular degeneration, will perform and talk about growing up in foster care. 

Following the discussion, there will be a fish fry for guests, along with other Fresh Look Youth Takeover activities. 

“There will be singing, there will be food,” Collier said. “The church is very lively, which is an important part of the DNA of the church and it gives the youth a chance to speak with each other and get closer.” 

As part of the setting and environment of the event, Collier said the community is welcome to attend. Guests can dress casually to attend the event at The Canyon, which she said has been a wonderful partner with Valencia Christian Center. 

“People say, ‘Why have church in a club?’” Collier said. “Any building or place of worship and service is perfect. We’ll bring to whatever venue it takes to bring about the word, while we also want the community to hear our guest and know they’re welcome to have a good time.”

The Fresh Look Youth Takeover will last from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Admission is free. 

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