The different reading techniques


Reading is something that we all do. The reading culture is something that has been embedded in people from all nations. It is because of this fact that there are many various ways that people read. These are called techniques and they are four of them. We shall look at each of the four different techniques and when to use them.

The Four Reading techniques


Skimming is sometimes called gist reading. People who use this type of reading want to know what the text basically talks about. This type of reading that is usually used when people go through magazines or newspapers. Readers can go through 700 words per minute. As they will only stop to read the most important articles.


When a person uses this reading method, they are looking for something. Scanning involves a reader to quickly go through a sentence as they search for the information that they are looking for. When a person is scanning through text they pay special attention to the introduction and the conclusion. The same is also true for a person who goes through the rules of an online sport betting match. As they only pay attention to how to play and how to win the game.

Intensive reading

A person who practices intensive reading needs to have their aims in mind when they do so. This is as this takes more time than skimming or scanning. It is usually used by language learners or those who are studying.

Extensive reading

Extensive reading usually involves reading for pleasure. This is the type of reading that people go through they read novels. Extensive also comes with an element of fun and enjoyment. This is because it requires fluid decoding and assimilation of the text.  

When undergoing through extensive reading, a reader will stop every now and again to make sure that they understand what they are reading about. This is especially true if the jargon that is being used is complicated. According to most sports fans who are interested in sports news, usually skip the whole passage and focus on the score or the result of the game.

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