The importance of having reliable couriers for your online business


If you’re running an online business, do you have access to couriers and delivery services that make things easier for you? A good courier service at your beck and call is definitely a fantastic bridge between you and your customers.

Some business owners are hesitant to tap the services of some couriers. This may be due to a previous bad experience with third-party delivery services or because they simply don’t know the benefits of outsourcing their product shipments.

Reasons Why Online Businesses Need Trustworthy Couriers

Here are some of the biggest advantages of being connected with reliable couriers for your online venture:

Timely delivery

Whether you’re a customer or the business owner, time is crucial when it comes to product deliveries. This is especially true when your products are either perishable or time-sensitive. In these cases, the courier service that you hire should be accurate in their deliveries.

On top of this, couriers are significantly faster than the post office. Look for couriers that have a solid track record of shipping items on or before the expected date. That way, your customers will receive their packages on time. Prepare for repeat orders!

Proper handling

A reliable courier service has earned the reputation of shipping goods in good condition. Aside from speed, your clients will probably expect that the shipment won’t be mishandled.

Don’t hesitate to ask couriers about how your products will be handled from pickup to transportation and delivery.

Clear and justifiable fees

Shipping is one of the most misunderstood expenses in any online business. Some companies automatically opt for the cheapest options without looking at other aspects of product deliveries such as insurance, premium packaging, fragile shipping, and international fees.

Bottomline, ask for a breakdown of shipping fees. When starting a partnership with a courier company, arrange for package plans that are at par with the quality that you expect. Aside from this, discuss specialized shipping arrangements that will work for your company on a budgeting perspective.

Ability to track shipments

Sometimes, it’s the unforeseen things that make you worried and keep you up all night. This includes the status of your product packages as they are shipped and delivered to your clients. Not knowing the package location may send you in a panic mode!

Fortunately, most modern couriers offer delivery tracking systems to help you determine where your shipments are. Some couriers offer several tracking features such as email, web app, SMS, or phone call. This tracking process is applicable for bulk shipments from suppliers to your warehouse, as well as product deliveries from your stores to the customers.

Satisfied customers

No matter how awesome your product is, sending it to them days after the expected arrival schedule may still piss them off. The same holds true when the package appears mishandled and dilapidated as it arrives on your customer’s doorstep.

In other words, reliable shipping partners make sure that your clients receive the shipments on time and in good condition. Look for delivery service companies who can make this promise and have a long history of happy customers.

By partnering with reputable couriers, your clients will be more than happy to make more orders in the future.

Overall exceptional service

When you know that your products are handled properly from pickup to shipment, you can rest assured of customer satisfaction. This is probably the most immediate benefit that any online business owner can experience – less headaches!

By hiring the right courier, you can avoid the following issues that online businesses may commonly experience:

  • Delays in sending the products to customers
  • Mishandling of goods before they reach the buyers
  • The need to send the items yourself
  • Uncertainty in the status and location of the shipment
  • Exorbitant shipping fees

Things to Ask the Courier Service Before Partnering With Them

Before committing to any particular delivery service company, make sure to ask them about the following items:

  • What is their standard duration of delivery?
  • How do they handle shipments? Will the deliveries be protected from the elements from your warehouse to the recipient’s location?
  • Do they offer tracking options to help you trace the status and location of the shipments?
  • What are their policies on security and identity? What happens if the customer isn’t at home when they deliver the item?
  • Can you pay for an expanded insurance fee to make sure that the products are kept in their best state before reaching the customer?
  • Do they have special rates for bulk shipments? What are their package plans for businesses?

Their answers to the questions above should help you decide which couriers are the best in terms of speed, shipment handling, and overall service.


Most business owners are out for two primary goals: profitability and customer satisfaction. By partnering with couriers that guarantee fast and safe delivery and offer competitive plans and tracking features, you can experience the best of both worlds.

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