Centurion Marching Band performs parent preview

The Saugus Band & Color Guard plays at their parent preview at Saugus High School Friday evening. Cory Rubin/The Signal

Showcasing what they’ve been practicing over the last two weeks, the Saugus High Marching Band and Color Guard held a “parent preview performance” Friday.

In front of hundreds of friends, family and SHS staff, the band performed classic Saugus fight songs, as well as newly learned pop culture hits, like Smashmouth’s “All Star.”

“We’ve been out on the field, in the auditorium working on music and everywhere in between,” said Corey Whitt, Saugus High School’s band director. “And this is just a focal center where we can stop, take a breath, show off everything and let the parents enjoy where their students have been for the past two weeeks — and put one foot in front of the other and get the season started.”

In total, there are 115 students in the band and colorguard, and for this band camp, students were taking their last chunk of summer and spending it at school from 8 a.m. to about 4-5 p,m., according to Whitt.

“These students worked extremely hard,” said Whitt. “We’re outside in the sun, in the heat out on the field, setting drill by drill, making sure they’re on the spot by like .25 of a step … it’s a long process and it takes quite a while but the students are great and their determined.”

The more experienced members expressed pride in the group’s progress and the sacrifices they’ve made in the last couple of weeks.

The Saugus drumline plays a cadence at their parent preview at Saugus High School Friday evening. Cory Rubin/The Signal

“Band in general gets a rep to where it’s like ‘the geeks’ going in, not having to care, not having to do the workouts,” said Mason Feerrar, Saugus’ drum captain. “But I couldn’t be more proud. Everyone is doing exactly what I ask and everyone is working super hard.”

Much like Feerrar, who is a senior, two of Saugus’ drum majors, Michelle Dibo and Sissy Stanley, also marked Friday’s performance as an end to their final Saugus band camp.

“I’m really proud that people, instead of just falling on each other, they’re learning to think individually,” said Stanley, who said this attitude has made her hopeful for the upcoming football and competition season.

“I think this camp has been the hardest,” said Dibo. “(But) it’s kind of sad to move on. I’m going to be sad to leave everyone because I’ve become friends with everyone over the last four years … they’re like family now.”

Whitt shared his students optimism for the upcoming season, which will have the band competing all across Southern California, as well as at the Saugus High football games.

“The kids sound great, and they worked hard. They’re tired and fatigued after two and a half weeks in grueling, grueling time outside,” said Whitt. “But it’s a great group of kids and it’s going to be a great season.”

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