This Revolutionary Air Purifier is Changing the Industry Forever


Since the debut of modern air purifiers in the 1960s, humans have worked for centuries to purify the air for improved health, wellness, and cleanliness. Heavily polluted air during the Industrial Revolution demonstrated a great need to make the air quality inside of homes and buildings more breathable.

The High-Efficiency and Particular Air Filter (HEPA) was invited in the 1940s, aiming to remove microscopic particles from the air. It also pulled irritants including dander and pollen. HEPA is still used today along with technologies including ionization, activated carbon, ozone generation, and more.

However, more recently a new contender entered the industry of air purification. It’s so revolutionary that it’s nearly an entirely new niche and shattering everything you’ve understood about air purification—and that product is BetterAir.

What is BetterAir?

Is BetterAir really better than the modern-day air purifier?

You better believe it.

This is the result of nearly a decade’s worth of research, developing, and testing to produce a proprietary air purifier. One like the world has never seen before.

The inventors at BetterAir believed there was a better way to provide cleaner, more purified air. The first step involved with BetterAir’s invention was removing the filter. That’s right—BetterAir is a filterless air purifier. In fact, it’s the only one on the market!

Not only is it filterless, but it also contains no chemicals, UV lights, ozone, or antibiotics.

You might think it’s impossible to get clean air without a filter or these other bells and whistles, but this belief can’t be further from the truth.

The Truth About Getting Cleaner Air

The truth is that traditional air purifiers don’t effectively clean the air in your home. This is especially considering that there are over 500 trillion bacteria in the world. Even the slightest movement spreads these bacteria throughout an indoor environment. Simply sucking up the bacteria along with allergens such as dust and dander won’t result in cleaner air.

But that’s where BetterAir makes the much-needed change.

BetterAir is rocking the air purifier industry with one major key element: probiotics. Probiotics are incredible microorganisms that make a major impact on your health and even the cleanliness of your home. You may have heard about probiotics being used in yogurt for digestive health, but adding them to an air purifier results in eye-popping benefits.

The Magic of Probiotics

The key is to consistently release a stream of probiotics into the air. These probiotics ride the same airwaves as the bacteria, and this is where the magic happens. Probiotics use bad bacteria as food, allowing good bacteria to dominate the environment.

You don’t want to remove all bacteria from the environment. This is because our bodies are designed to adapt to an outdoor environment where both good and bad bacteria exists. A healthy balance is vital to helping your body adapt to bad allergens, allowing it to understand that it is not a threat to your immune system.

Furthermore, complete sterilization of a home or building is impossible. This is because 35 million bacteria come from your body just by walking from one room to another. When you consider that the human body sheds 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per day, it isn’t hard to imagine the endless purification required to keep allergens at bay.

Make the Best Choice for Your Health

With the continuous release of probiotics via BetterAir, the balance is restored to ideal environmental conditions around the clock. This brings the BetterAir experience full-circle, providing you with cleaner air, better health, and even reduced symptoms to allergens.

Invest in your health and clean, quality air. Buy a BetterAir air purifier starting at $299

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