UPDATE: Former Masters University student employee accused of secretly taking under-the-skirt photos of women


A former student employee of The Master’s University was charged Tuesday with four counts of secretly videotaping or photographing the body or undergarments of four unsuspecting women.

Prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed a four-page misdemeanor complaint against Sebastian Barrales Raymundobarrale, also known as Sebastian Raymundo, 21.

Raymundo was arrested in June by deputies assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Parks Bureau on suspicion of having used a concealed camera to take indecent photographs of people.

The photographs allegedly were taken under the skirts of four different unsuspecting women this year, on April 24, June 2, June 6 and June 12, according to the criminal complaint and an investigator. The June 12 incident is alleged to have occurred during a fire on the TMU campus.

“I can confirm what is detailed in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department incident report,” said university spokesman Brian Harr.

 “There was an incident on campus between two students in the west parking lot on June 12,” he said, referring to Raymundo and at least one woman who is alleged to have been victimized.

“We take seriously the safety and privacy of each of our students,” Harr said. “The Master’s University is fully cooperating with the sheriff’s office as they handle this.”

“As this is an ongoing investigation, I have no more comment beyond that,” he added.

Raymundo was a student who was employed by the university as a resident assistant, Harr said.

He was arrested June 12 on suspicion of invading someone’s privacy, according to section 647(J)(2) of the California Penal Code, a misdemeanor.

According to the misdemeanor complaint filed by prosecutors, Raymundo used a concealed camcorder, motion picture camera and photographic camera, to secretly videotape, film, photograph and record by electronic means each of the four women.

The complaint further alleges that he took the images: “under her clothing, to view her body or her undergarments, without her consent and knowledge, with the intent to arouse, appeal to, and gratify the lust, passions, and sexual desires of the defendant and invade the privacy of each woman under circumstances in which she had a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Bail for Raymundo was set at $25,000.

He is expected to appear in court at the Santa Clarita Courthouse Thursday.

Harr said Raymundo was employed by the university at one time, but is no longer employed there.

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