Metal chips fill Castaic machine shop with smoke

Metal chips fill machine shop with smoke in the Valencia Commercial Center. Signal photo, Bobby Block.

Fire at a machine shop in the Valencia Commerce Center Friday morning caused titanium metal chips to fill the building with smoke.

Firefighters with the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to reports of a structure fire inside a commercial building on the 28100 block of Livingston Avenue, near Harrison Parkway, in Castaic.

“There was smoke and flames reported inside the machine shop,” Fire Department spokesman Sean Rios said.

“When they got there, they found metal chips inside a machine that were causing the smoke,” he said, describing the chips as metal shavings that were outside of the building when firefighters arrived.

Fire Capt. Simpson of Station 143, who responded to the scene, added that the metal shavings were titanium filings that caught fire while workers attempted to machine the heavy metal.   

“That pushed smoke into the building,” Rios said.

No one was hurt and no HazMat unit was requested.

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