Tips for Planning a Carnival-Themed Halloween School Event


Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. And when it comes to Halloween parties, schools provide the safest avenue for children to express their individuality. In planning your school Halloween party this year, why not skip the usual trick-or-treat and host an after-school carnival instead? Sure, it may take up time and energy to pull off. But it will be well worth the effort. Now for someone who has not done it before, here are tips to help you get started.

Prepare some entertainment

A carnival is not complete without funfair stalls for hire. Look for something that fits the theme such as a haunted house ride, spooky clown costumes for stall staff, and Halloween themed refreshments. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can organize a team of parents and teachers who will take charge of each aspect of the event. Some students may also volunteer to help with planning and organizing the event.

In addition to hiring funfair stalls and rides, you can also assign a team to prepare games and additional booths with games. This way, you can minimize expenses, but ensure that there is a variety of attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Create carnival tickets for a minimal fee

We all know that schools cannot always finance expensive events. As a way for the PTA to raise funds to cover the cost of the event, you can charge a small fee for the rides, stalls, and games. Prepare the carnival tickets ahead of time. There are inexpensive ticket rolls you can buy online which you can use to print a big batch for students to distribute. Enlist as many students as possible to sell the tickets before the event.

If you want to make sure that every person who enters the carnival pays using tickets, have a booth set-up in front of the fair.

Halloween-themed carnival decorations

Whether the event will be held outdoors or inside the gym, decorations are essential. To avoid spending too much, look for DIY ideas online. There are plenty of inexpensive decorations you can use that are Halloween-themed and at the same time complement a carnival event. Perhaps you can hold a pumpkin-carving contest and use the carved pumpkins as part of the décor.

Another aspect of setting the theme for the event, apart from decorations, is the music. Create a playlist with songs that are related to Halloween. Make sure that the songs are fun and catchy. Keep these songs playing throughout the event and all over the venue.

Games and refreshments

In addition to carnival rides and attractions, you can also assemble a committee that will handle the games and other activities. Make sure that these games are interactive and exciting. Encourage kids of all ages to participate and prepare activities that both younger and older guests will enjoy.

Lastly, make the carnival attractions the focal point of the event so that guests can fully enjoy them. The games and other activities should complement the carnival rides and stalls so that each guest can use the attractions to their heart’s content.

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