Birthday Ideas for Adults Who Are Young at Heart

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Confetti flying around group of cheerful friends celebrating a party with large cake and drinks on table in foreground

Why should kids have all the fun?

Birthday parties may not look the same these days as they did when you were 10, but there are plenty of birthday ideas for adults that are just as fun.

Deciding what to do for your party depends largely on your personal preferences. Maybe you like a good challenge or prefer a laid-back, casual outing.

Keep your friends in mind, too. Even though the party is about celebrating your big day, you want your friends to enjoy themselves.

Stuck for ideas? Try one of these adult birthday party ideas.

Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room

Throw your party at an escape room to test out your friends’ skills.

You’ll quickly find out which of your friends are brainy and observant.

The format may vary somewhat, but most escape rooms give you an hour to look for clues and solve puzzles to get out of the locked room. The rooms are usually themed with lots of props and clues sprinkled throughout the space.

You have to piece together what you find to solve your way out.

Host a Murder Mystery Party

Another way to challenge your friends is with a murder mystery party.

If you don’t want to organize it, find a place that hosts murder mystery parties.

You can also host a murder mystery party at home. Come up with your own stories, or order a box kit that includes everything you need.

Head to a Sporting Event

If you’re more of the sporty type, grab tickets for all your friends at your favorite sporting event.

It’s a casual option where everyone can enjoy the entertainment.

Upgrade the experience by renting a luxury suite to watch the game from above the action. They are often air-conditioned and may have a private bathroom. You can usually order food for everyone in the suite.

Challenge Friends to a Go-Kart Race

Add a little speed to your birthday party by heading to a go-kart track.

Many cities now have indoor go-kart locations, so you can challenge friends to a race any time of year.

This option lets everyone go head-to-head at once. It’s a good way to get everyone involved.

Many go-kart facilities have other activities that can make the fun last even longer.

Pub Crawl

Hit all your favorite bars in your own pub crawl.

You can sign up for an organized event, but you can have just as much fun by planning stops at your favorite places.

This option works well if you have friends who might stop by for part of the night but not the entire party. They can meet up with the group wherever you are at the moment.

Some cities have pub bikes you can rent, which adds a fun twist to get from one bar to the net. The trolley-type vehicle features lots of seats, each with a set of pedals. Everyone does their part to power the bike to the next stop.

Enjoy These Birthday Ideas for Adults

How do you plan to celebrate your next birthday?

With so many birthday ideas for adults, you can find something that matches your preferences and budget.

Check out the rest of our blog for more fun ideas for parties or everyday fun.

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