The Most Spectacular Cricket Shots in IPL History

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Since the dawn of the T20 format, cricket techniques have been evolving. The confrontation between batters and bowlers is now more intense than ever, and success requires years of experience. Fewer deliveries are now bowled, but the choice of delivery to a particular batsman is a challenge.

In the past, the games of T20 have impressed the audience with high-scoring thrillers, but many of the shots now familiar to us were unheard of back then. As stated by cricket news by, the more shots a batsman accumulates, the harder it is for a bowler to deal with him.

During the twelve years of IPL’s existence, there have been quite a few insane hits. The names of AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum, Kevin Pieterson, and Glenn Maxwell are now associated with their astonishing shots performed in the International arena. Here are five most famous cricket shots in the IPL history. 

1. Lofted cover drive by AB de Villiers

This cricketer has authored a lot of groundbreaking shots, and his name must go down in history. This shot was perhaps the most incredible of all. When it happened, it was almost unbelievable.

The logo of IPL has remained unchanged since its launch. In 2012, AB de Villiers delivered a spectacular shot that looked like the logo. The photo of his pose went viral.

That match saw AB de Villiers smash 47 runs off 17 balls, and his team defeated Deccan Chargers. He was facing Dale Steyn, who fired a full-length delivery bowling around mid-140’s. For any other batsman, this would have been a big challenge. AB de Villiers, however, moved towards leg-side and whacked it. This was an 88 m six over deep extra cover.

The bowler could not help acknowledging the achievement with a smile. Naturally, the player of the match award went to AB de Villiers.  Following the incredible match, Virender Sehwag tweeted the famous photo AB de Villiers, commenting “Happy Birthday Mr. 360 degrees AB de Villiers, the man who can bat in any pose he wishes too”.

2.  Vil-scoop by AB de Villiers

Some of AB de Villiers’ incredible moves were impromptu inventions. Due to the power and timing of his bat, he left the bowlers stunned. One such spectacular feats took place most recently, in IPL 2019.

In the game, Royal Challengers Banglore were playing against Kings XI Punjab. By that point, Mohammed Shami had already conceded two sixes off two balls. Preparing for his third one, he bowled full toss to AB de Villiers on above waist. Surprisingly, it wasn’t called a No ball. The bowler, having misconstrued the delivery, shot just to avoid getting hit. His shot came with one hand in contact with the bat. However, unexpectedly for him and everyone else, the ball ended up on the roof over a long leg for a 95 m six. That game brought him the Player of the Match title. Overall, his 82/44 innings on that day consisted of three fours and seven sixes.

3. Freak Six by Ravindra Jadeja

During this year’s IPL, Chennai Super Kings were playing against Rajasthan Royals. Spectators were amazed by an unusual sight: Ravindra Jadeja and Ben Stokes were both lying on the ground and watching the ball sailing for a six. Here is how it happened.

When Jadeja delivered this stunning off-balance lofter, Chennai Super Kings desperately needed 18 runs off six balls. Despite the imbalance, the ball traveled far owing to the power and timing of the shot. The cricketer knocked nine runs in four balls, and with the other six from Mitchell Santner, the team secured their last-ball win over the rivals.

4. Funky six by AB de Villier

With his impressive 360-degree shots, the cricket star keeps raising the bar. Although players like Jos Buttler or Glenn Maxwell are doing their best to catch up with him, the task seems insurmountable.

The Funky six was delivered in 2014 when Royal Challengers Banglore were playing against Sunrisers Hyderabad. This included another competition between AB de Villiers and Dale Steyn. Royal Challengers Banglore needed 28 runs off 12 balls. For Steyn, the result was no different. The stroke-making was just too brutal to handle. 

AB de Villiers managed to sweep an offside full-length delivery over fine leg for a six. The bowling speed is estimated to have been roughly 145 Kmph. That day, he smacked 24 runs from Dale Steyn’s over, which included three sixes. Once again, Steyn could not help appreciating the feat, and the players shared a hug. Smashing 89 runs off 41 balls, AB de Villier led his team to victory and got his Player of the match award.

5. Reverse Flick by Suryakumar Yadav

Back in 2014, Yadav, 24 years old at the time, became a regular in XI for Kolkata Knight Riders. In the first match, he was given a chance to show off his skills. He came in at a lower order and delivered a bunch of handy knocks in finishing the innings for the team.

In many of the moves, Yadav managed to show innovative ways of finding runs and improving the score. Once, he played an unprecedented shot. When an offside full-length delivery was bowled at him by Corey Anderson from Mumbai Indians, Yadav switched the bat. He succeeded in guiding the ball towards the third-man region. As a result, it raced away for four. Since then, Suryakumar Yadav has been referred to as a funky switch hit.

In 2018, following several seasons, he returned to Mumbai Indians, where he had made his debut. Yadav opened the innings. becoming the highest run-getter for the team that season.

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