Four young gang members rounded up in response to community concern

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Four boys identified as gang members were detained and taken to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’’s Station Tuesday by detectives responding to concerns voiced by citizens.

On Tuesday evening, detectives assigned to both juvenile and gang-related crime, accompanied by a probation officer and including those from the COBRA — Career Offenders, Robbery, Burglary Assault — team, carried out an operation to specifically patrol areas where gang activity was reported.

“During the operation, four male juveniles were detained and transported to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station,” said Shirley Miller, spokeswoman for the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

All four were wanted for gang-related crimes, she said. Three were booked on felony assault with a deadly weapon charges, and the fourth juvenile on a misdemeanor battery charge. 

All four juveniles will be referred to prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution consideration, Miller said.

In posting news of the operation on the SCV Sheriff’s Facebook page, Miller quoted COBRA Sgt. Brian Shreves as saying: “Gang violence, as well as gang graffiti, is an eyesore in the community, and we are committed to apprehend and prosecute all perpetrators to the fullest extent.”

“We will not tolerate gang activity infiltrating into our valley. This is your home and our home, and we will keep it safe and protected,” Shreves was quoted as saying.

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