How to support a family member with hearing loss

How to support a family member with hearing loss

Kevin Bolder AuD, Audiology Associates

A loved one’s hearing loss may not be noticeable at first, but over time you might start to notice signs that they cannot hear as well as they once did. Since hearing loss happens gradually, a parent, spouse or another family member might not recognize their hearing ability has diminished. 

There are many ways in which you can support someone during this transition and help them adjust so everyone can communicate easily and with confidence.

Point out the effectiveness of hearing aids

Highlighting the success of treatment with hearing aids is one of the best ways to convince a family member to seek help for their hearing loss. Hearing aids have an extremely high rate of success among patients in the United States and help reduce frustration and anxiety, and boost emotional stability to improve overall quality of life. 

This improved mindset helps strengthen a person’s relationships with others by allowing them to communicate better with friends and family.

Learn how to properly communicate

When speaking with your family member, make sure to always face them with your mouth uncovered so the sound isn’t obstructed and they can read your lips. If one ear is affected more than the other, try to speak towards their better-functioning ear.

This way, your family member won’t have to strain to listen. Finally, accentuate your speaking with hand gestures to help convey your message more clearly.

Take a hearing test with them

Hearing tests should be conducted once a year for everyone to make sure potential problems are caught early and treatment can begin as soon as possible. If your family member hasn’t gone for a hearing test before, volunteer to go with them. ν

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