Growing Your Business: How Outsourcing Can Help

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If you’re a small business owner or managing a small business, you know that growth is everything and the day it slows down is the beginning of the end.

Growth takes time and resources – both are always in demand of your attention every day. Knowing that you cannot be everywhere at all times and while it may be hard to accept that fact, letting go of some of the reins will actually help your business grow.

Your time is better spent on creating new products, developing your service levels or working on the improvement of scalability. Those are the efforts worth your time.

Let’s review four possible options for you that outsourcing can help boost your business growth.

Freeing up capital by outsourcing

Saving money is simply a necessity for your business. Saving money allows you to free up capital to be used to invest elsewhere in the business.

This is most critical in the early stages of your business where you would benefit from avoiding large expenses. This is a good time as outsourcing offers huge advantages. By converting larger fixed outflow expenses into a variable and smaller costs, you have now freed up a sizable chunk of capital back into the business to be reallocated.

Outsourcing allows you to refocus

By outsourcing what you hate to do most, you can buy back the time that would be otherwise spent working on the tasks you would rather avoid; not to mention if it is payroll or accounting, the fact you must keep in compliance at all times. Outsourcing payroll services will ensure you are in compliance with all recent laws.

Refocusing your efforts on the core components of growing your business will be worth the investment in reassigning a particular business role that continuously drags on your time.

An opportunity to access expert knowledge

The biggest hurdle to overcome in business growth is to make sure you surround yourself with the right people. There will come a point where you may be considering how best to take the business to the next level and realize you may be short on the talent you need.

Outsourcing is your best option in this case. Be it, payroll, IT Support, customer service, a marketing campaign or designing a new website, there will be tasks that can be done as a one-off or part-time.

This is a great way to have sure-fire access to strong talent at a fraction of the cost to bring them in permanently in-house. The gig economy has made hiring the same league of professionals as with larger corporations, possible.

Greater flexibility

While no two businesses are the same, they all share one common thing; that is the need to be flexible because things can shift on a dime quickly.

Outsourcing can provide you with instant support and that support can adapt to the highs and low points of your business. Industries like retail and construction do this very well.


If you do decide to outsource temporarily or full-time, make sure you maintain control over access to the data, analytics and learnings of the output. Do your best to get everything laid out in advance to avoid any hidden costs and if the business is big enough, appoint one of the team to be the point person for the outsourced staff or vendor partners.

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