How Do I Find Out If He’s Cheating On Me?


If anyone ever told you relationships are easy, they’re either lying or very lucky. Relationships require a ton of work, even when two people seem perfectly suited to each other.

I grew up in a home with parents who constantly fought, even though they stayed together for the kids, so I’ve always had a cynical view of relationships. That did not stop me from falling for the perfect guy. At least, I thought he was perfect. When my friends shared their misgivings, I ignored them. They did not know him like I did.

But I started to wonder if I really knew him that well. I kept having dreams in which we fought viciously, even though everything seemed to be fine in my waking hours. Was there something I wasn’t allowing my conscious mind to accept?

My Tarot Card Reading

I don’t really know what I was looking for when I decided to get a tarot card reading. Psychics and mediums had never been the sort of thing I gave any credence to. I’m generally a skeptical person, and I know the most rational explanation for things always suggests an answer that’s not at all supernatural. However, I needed to see someone about the process going through my subconscious, and a friend recommended a psychic.

The tarot card reading was very different to what I expected. There was no smoke and mirrors, but rather an almost professional environment. My psychic asked for no particulars about my life and went straight into the reading.

A few things came up, all very personal, and some of which I won’t share with my closest friends. But the one that shook me most was her advice to keep an eye on my boyfriend.

When she said this, I felt my heart drop. A part of me knew that the end had already begun for my relationship. I suddenly missed my boyfriend terribly – the boyfriend who had been attentive and loving, and who now seemed to always be somewhere else, even when he was with me.

I didn’t follow him around, hoping to catch him going into some other girl’s apartment. Partly, it was because I didn’t want to appear so hung up on a boy, but I know I also didn’t want to find out the inevitable. I did, however, start keeping track of his stories and excuses. If he told me he was going out with a friend, I’d check up on that friend, either calling them to subtly ask them what they were doing or checking their social media accounts.

One after another of my boyfriend’s stories fell apart under the slightest investigation. It was clear that he was lying to me and probably cheating.

I confronted him about it and he admitted to it immediately. This made it even harder for me. If he had continued to lie I could paint him as this horrible person, but the care and regret he showed only reminded me of how good it had once been.

Now I can see that our relationship had been on the decline for a while, but it took a tarot card reading to see what was right before my eyes.

Psychic Recommendations

Many people have asked me since whether I recommend going to a psychic. My answer is always yes. Even if they’re skeptical about the inner workings of the process, they will learn something about themselves. More often than not, they are convinced that there really is something to it.

Of course, you have to be careful. There are liars and scammers out there who just want to make money off people’s desperation. Those psychics who have famously given vulnerable parents incorrect information about their missing children should face some sort of consequences. But if you have done your research and found good reviews, and if you know someone who has seen the psychic personally with good reports, they’re a safe bet.

Also, it helps if you go in with some background of how tarot card readings work. This will help you grasp the psychic’s advice more quickly, and help you make sense of their interpretations.

It doesn’t always take a psychic to find out your boyfriend is cheating. However, sometimes you need a push to see what’s already in front of your eyes.

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