Supes approve $41K fencing donation for Castaic horse evacuation center

Kathryn Barger pets her horse after completing the three hour "Barger's Trail Blazers" trail ride at Castaic Lake on Sunday, Nov. 12. Signal File Photo.

County supervisors have accepted a donation of fencing valued at $41,000 for the Castaic Animal Care Center’s horse evacuation center. 

The fencing was donated by the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation. 

Since it was not a monetary donation, there is no impact to the county’s finances, according to  Marcia Mayeda, Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control director, in a letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. 

In order for the evacuation center to utilize the donation, the supervisors had to first authorize the donation. The donation was unanimously approved by the board on Tuesday. 

“The Castaic horse evacuation area is located adjacent to the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Castaic Animal Care Center and its purpose is to provide emergency sheltering services for large animals during emergencies for residents that reside within the service area of the Castaic Animal Care Center that may need to evacuate their animals,” said Don Belton, spokeswoman for Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. 

This additional fencing is an attempt to reduce potential for escaping, which would reduce risks to animals, staff and volunteers, Mayeda said. 

“The evacuation center is used to house (horses) that are displaced during times of disaster, particularly during wildfires,” said Mayeda.

During the Tick Fire in October 2019, horses were among the many animals displaced. At a ranch near Sand Canyon Road, 18 animals, including horses, were killed as a result of the wild fire. 

“These services will provide immediate relief to Los Angeles County pets and pet owners affected by disasters,” said Mayeda. 

In addition to the board authorizing the donation, they will also send a letter of appreciation to the county Animal Care Foundation.

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