What Sunday Suspense is all about?


Have you heard about Sunday Suspense? It is a program that has been aired in West Bengal for the last decade or so. If you happen to be a person from eastern part of India you might be aware of its popularity. You cannot term it as a program but a showcase of literature works of Bengal with an amazing collection of works.

98.3 Radio Mirchi aired the first program in 2009 and the first episode was an instant hit not only among the locals, but even the entire country. The concept by which RJ depicted the stories did go on to receive a lot of appreciation among the users. A lot of time has passed after the first show but the popularity still continues to remain as it is.

The list of popular Sunday Suspense stories

Ever since its launch this show has been popular for all the right reasons. It did go on to showcase horror, humour, and adventure episodes in a right way. Within a short span of time it did go on to foster its own fan base coupled with the fact a separate fan base did go on to emerge. By the crew an array of stories have been formulated till date. Let us now flip through some of the popular stories that have captured the imagination of the users

The Lost Jewels

No words might be enough for Rabindra Nath Tagore and his contribution to the literary works of the nation. As part of the Sunday Suspense Radio Mirchi did go on to depict this story in a fascinating program. A slight change in the language pattern was done so that the viewers were able to connect with it in a better way.

The story revolves around the life of a married couple. Their relationship on the rocks and the feeling of loneliness leads to a situation where the wife is obsessed with jewels. This obsession forces her to leave the house while the husband waits for her return.


Here the story revolves around a man who has lost his job and on the lookout for food. He has no means to buy food and he meets a man who offers him food and even refuge. With the passage of time he leaves the house to the man asking him to hear the myths of the villagers. But in reality such a myth did not occur in the first place. In fact the myth did not go on to stay as a myth.

The Companion

A protagonist happens to settle on a train compartment. But the real problem starts off when the narrator becomes ready for a night’s sleep. But a fear of something bad occur creates a sense of anxiety in him. Every time he gets into a deep sleep he wakes up hearing social screams. Though nothing happens during the course of the journey but in a way his nightmares are brought to reality

These are some of the popular Sunday suspense thrillers.

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