Henry Mayo: No confirmed cases of coronavirus at hospital

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.
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Despite rumors circulating on a number of social media platforms, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital officials are confirming there has not been a confirmed case of coronavirus at the hospital as of Thursday.

“At this time, we do not have a confirmed case,” Patrick Moody, a spokesman for the hospital, said over a phone call Thursday afternoon. “If we do have a confirmed case, we will coordinate communication with the Los Angeles County Department of Health.”

Those looking to start the process of getting tested can go to Henry Mayo for their samples to be taken, but only if they qualify and follow the established procedure, according to Moody.

“If such a person is identified, they would be isolated and evaluated for their eligibility for a coronavirus test,” according to Henry Mayo’s website. “If they are not deemed eligible to be tested, then the person will be sent home with appropriate instructions.”

“Someone just can’t come in and ask to be tested,” said Moody. “We have to follow CDC guidelines.”

If deemed eligible to be tested, then the test will be administered, according to officials. If they are not seriously ill, they will be asked to self-quarantine while they await their test results.

The samples taken at Henry Mayo, according to Moody, and are then sent off to private labs or California Department of Public Health labs.

Moody was unable to comment Thursday on how many coronavirus tests Henry Mayo has conducted since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s mostly a lot of phone calls that we’re getting,” said Moody. “If they’re showing symptoms, we encourage them to call their doctor and take instruction from their doctor or whoever their provider is.”

Officials from Kaiser Permanente declined to comment on whether they had identified a patient with coronavirus in Santa Clarita, citing the need to protect patient confidentiality.

As of Thursday afternoon, one person has died due to COVID-19 in Los Angeles County and 27 total cases have been confirmed countywide.

For more information on COVID-19 and Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital’s testing policy, visit https://www.henrymayo.com/community/coronavirus/.

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