Coronavirus: Tech Firms have been Summoned over 5G Conspiracies

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The culture secretary is now ordering various social media companies to be far more aggressive when responding to conspiracy theories. One of them relates to the use of 5G, which some believe can be linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Oliver Dowden has planned to try and host a string of virtual meetings. These are going to be done with representatives from various tech firms in the next week or so and the matter is going to be discussed further. This comes from the fact that 5G masts are currently being set on fire.


The Issue

This issue is going to test each company’s commitment to free speech. When you look at how things unfolded earlier on in the week, you will soon find that blazes were reported in Liverpool, Melling and Birmingham. A spokesperson for the mobile network has stated that there have been four additional incidents that all happened over the last 24 hours and that they have not been able to identify the locations.  If you look at the 5G connection, you will soon find that it gives people the chance to load up any kind of website page easier and faster. If you like to play games on an online bingo site or even if you like to watch videos on sites such as YouTube then you will soon see that this can make the whole experience faster and more efficient. This is one of the many reasons why people are so frustrated at the idea of the masts being burnt down, as the tech providers are only doing whatever they can to try and keep up with the demand for speed.

Complete Rubbish

False theories regarding the Coronavirus and 5G connection are now circulating across various platforms. Petitions are also being signed and spread across a much wider scale as well. Scientists have dismissed the idea of being biologically impossible and completely out of the question. Some platforms have already tried to take steps to try and address the problem, but they have not banned the discussion of it. When you look at Pinterest, you will soon see that limits are being imposed to try and limit the amount of information that can be pinned.

Facebook have also come out to say that they have removed a huge number of groups that were also encouraging attacks on 5G masts. A post that was called “burn baby burn” that showed masts being burnt has also been taken down, but it was up for a total of 6 hours and it was also shared thousands of times during this period. YouTube are also trying to do their bit, but when you look at the amount of videos that they have on their system and the speed at which they are created, you will soon see that it is very difficult for people to stay on top of the fake news. A lot of people believe the theory as well, and this contributes to the rate at which it spreads.

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