Distance Learning Works and It Could Be the New Normal


Considering the current lockdown measures, a lot of people are grappling with the idea of learning from home. Schools couldn’t open yet due to the virus. For some people, the concept of online learning is novel, but it’s not. It has been around for a long time, and many people are taking advantage of it. 

The truth is that real education doesn’t only happen on the four walls of a classroom. It can take place anywhere. Therefore, the location doesn’t matter. Whether it’s at home or school, people can learn. 

Real-life education

The problem with most curriculums is that they’re too teacher-centered. Students wait for teachers to tell them what to do or give them the information they need to do. They learn a lot about theories but have no real-world application. The good thing about distance learning is that students can learn beyond what’s on the textbooks. They can practice those theories using different platforms. The teacher will only facilitate learning and assist if necessary.

Motivation to learn more

Another reason why it’s crucial to follow distance learning is that students will feel motivated to do more. They understand that it’s not enough for them to sit at home and learn. They need to research further. They also have to talk to other people or practice in offices and laboratories. Their online courses gave them the needed foundation to learn, and it’s up to them to take it from there. 

Nothing gets sacrificed 

Another advantage of distance education is that it can take place at any time, and the learner’s pace. For those who are working full-time jobs, they can continue studying. It’s also perfect for students who are unable to attend regular classes for whatever reason. Most of all, if the threat of the pandemic continues, students can continue to learn. They don’t need to stop studying just because of unfavorable learning conditions. 

Everyone should get on board 

We don’t know what the future holds. Even if we somehow survive this current pandemic, there’s no assurance that it won’t come back or another one emerges. Schools and universities have to prepare for the possibility that they will continue to learn through this method, and it’s okay. With the adjustment of curriculums and learning strategies, it’s possible for distance learning to take place across educational levels. 

Sure, a lot of people are still adjusting with this idea, and might not even agree with that. However, if we have to face this scenario for several years, it makes sense to improve distance learning. Some educational institutions might still be figuring out how to get it done, but it’s possible. Universities are already adjusting to it, and some are even offering for the courses online. For instance, if you want to take masters in healthcare administration, you can do it online now. You will also have the same opportunity as those who took the course in a regular classroom setting. In the end, it’s up to the learners on how they want to improve what they receive from their respective educational institutions.

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