Newsom lays out guidelines for office, restaurant, retail reopenings

Gov. Gavin Newsom. Courtesy of the Office of the Governor

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday the state was laying out guidelines for the reopening of offices, retail outlets and restaurants.

Newsom did add, however, that it would be up to the individual counties to conform to the state’s guidelines.

During his news conference, Newsom said the state was recommending office modifications so offices could reopen on a statewide basis, for those who can’t telework.

Additionally, businesses such as retail outlets, dine-in restaurants and pet groomers/walkers, along with a handful of other businesses, can begin to open up with modifications and based on their individual counties’ requirements.

For instance, L.A. County last week had announced the opening of retail outlets, but only for pickup; and trails would be opened, but with county staff on them ensuring social distancing is practiced.

Newsom said the state, as of Tuesday, had passed 1 million people tested, with the hope of getting the number of tests administered each day up to 61,000 tests per day statewide. Currently, the state is at 41,000 tests per day, Newsom said.

Approximately 6,400 pharmacies, Newsom said, have been approved to move forward with testing, but those locations would need more time to manage the logistics of ensuring they can properly test.

Businesses, before reopening, must be in accordance with the following guidelines, state officials said on Tuesday:

  • Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan.
  • Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them.
  • Implement individual control measures and screenings.
  • Implement disinfecting protocols.
  • Implement physical distancing guidelines.

“As we begin the modifications, as we already have (been) reopening 70-plus percent of the economy, as we begin to modify with these dine-in opportunities, let’s make sure we do so cognizant not only of our own health of our most vulnerable and those are our seniors,” said Newsom. “That’s why practicing and not just preaching what is in these guidelines is so foundational.”

For more information about the state guidelines for businesses and dine-in restaurants, visit

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