City, law enforcement prepare for possibility of protests Thursday

"Black Lives Matters" protesters hold a demonstration at the intersection of Valencia Blvd. and McBean Parkway Monday afternoon. June 01, 2020. Bobby Block / The Signal.

The city of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials announced they’re aware of a local protest planned for Thursday. 

“The evidence is clear, George Floyd died at the hands of four police officers — all of whom should be prosecuted,” Mayor Cameron Smyth said in a prepared statement. “This brutality by sworn peace officers should alarm all of us, and we must work together to ensure Mr. Floyd’s death leads to the reforms necessary to the benefit of all communities.”

The city, along with L.A. County supervisors and law enforcement, is working to prepare for the protest and deal with any unlawfulness of those who may be looking to take advantage of the situation, according to city officials. 

“We are working together to ensure we have the resources we need to protect the community of Santa Clarita,” Sheriff’s Capt. Justin Diez said in the statement. “We hope to once again have a peaceful protest.”

All protesters who wish to assemble peacefully and share their feelings and concerns can attend the protest, planned for noon Thursday near the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway. 

Businesses should be aware of the possibility of a protest and ready to close up should the need arise, while residents who do not need to be in the vicinity are asked to avoid the area, according to officials. Any looters or rioters who are looking to cause damage and steal property are expected to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, according to city and law enforcement officials.

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