Passion Project L.A. welcomes Fire Station 104

Firefighters from Fire Station 104 pose with Passion Project L.A. founder Vicente Escamilla, far left, and volunteer Harut Harutyunyan, far right, after they donated lunch on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Emily Alvarenga/The Signal

After working out of Fire Station 150 for the past two years, Fire Station 104’s crew is excited to finally be settling into their new home. 

Loaded with armfuls of pizza and water, members of Passion Project Los Angeles, a local nonprofit volunteering organization, visited the station Sunday with a lunchtime donation to not only welcome the new crew, but also wish them a Happy Father’s Day. 

“We wanted to welcome the fire station and celebrate them being at the station and servicing our side of the valley, as well as celebrate all those fathers that are there on call today,” Passion Project L.A. founder Vicente Escamilla said. “I want to make sure that they got a chance to receive lunch and receive love from our organization to let them know that we appreciate what they do and celebrate their fatherhood.”

After receiving more than enough pizza to feed the four-man crew, they gave volunteers a tour of the new station, describing what makes their station special.

Passion Project L.A. volunteer Harut Harutyunyan, left, presents a lunch donation to Fire Station 104 firefighter Bob George on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Emily Alvarenga/The Signal

Along with the station’s unique stained glass windows, which depict firefighters and Copter 15 at work, Fire Station 104 is home to search and rescue dog, Shadow, who’s trained to find live people buried after a natural disaster, and Quint 104, which doubles as both an engine and ladder truck while also allowing firefighters to pump water.

As a volunteer organization, Passion Project L.A. hopes this is the start of many collaborations with Station 104.

“We have about 30 volunteers at the ready, waiting for volunteer opportunities,” Escamilla said. “Everyone’s home because of the pandemic, so they’re literally asking to get out and help the community.”

With its new website launching July 1, Passion Project L.A. provides volunteers with an online platform to connect with volunteering experiences in areas they’re passionate about, while allowing local nonprofits to share volunteer opportunities, Escamilla added. 

For more information about Passion Project L.A., visit

Passion Project L.A. founder Vicente Escamilla, left, and volunteer Harut Harutyunyan, right, prepare a lunch donation for Fire Station 104 on Sunday, June 21, 2020. Emily Alvarenga/The Signal

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