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Pros And Cons Of A Home Warranty For Californians


Are you planning to get a home warranty in California?

Securing a home warranty in California is a very practical and helpful strategy…

I recommend that you secure your home warranty deal now!


A word of caution: If you know nothing about what to expect in securing a home warranty, you might end up in a big mess.

Fortunately, I am listing here in this article the pros and cons of a home warranty for Californians.

Read them all here…

How Important is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty limits your costs concerning replacement or repair of your home appliances.

The home warranty plan makes sure that you don’t run out of warranty deals for each appliance.

For instance:

  • Your refrigerator can end up malfunctioning earlier than its expectancy. In general insurance policy, that would mean that you lose a certain amount of money.
  • That is because, the life expectancy of the appliance is quantified into a specific cost. If you lose the appliance early, then you have to buy another.That would only mean that you pay more.
  • The home warranty makes sure that you don’t pay beyond the appliance cost by covering the appliance in its plan.

In this section, you learned about how important a home warranty is.

In the section below, you will learn the pros and cons of a home warranty for Californians.

Read on…

Pros and Cons of a Home Warranty for Californians

Here are the pros and cons of a home warranty for Californians you need to consider…


1- It protects you financially.

You get to spend reasonable rates in securing home warranty in California. Fortunately, there are a number of companies in California that offer reasonable rates.

Also, it surely helps you save a lot of money.

2- It introduces you to several insurance references.

As you get in contact with home warranty agents in California, you also gain wider access to several home insurance services, repairs, limited replacements, etc.

Think of the home warranty community as a hub of readily-available service providers.

3- You get to evaluate the expectancy and/or performance of your home appliances.

The first step to determining whether you include or don’t include particular appliances is to have them evaluated by the experts.

This comes off as a double-advantage since it gives you an idea on what to expect from your home appliances.


1- Some warranty offers prefer repair than replacement services.

More than a quarter of the home warranty providers in California resort to repair. And, even if you insist, they won’t have any replacement offers included in their policy.

2- You have to take time in choosing the right home warranty company.

The amount of research required in spotting the best home warranty provider in California is painstakingly massive. Thus, it takes time and effort to do so.

3- You have to own a home to avail of the plan.

If you happen to be renting a home in California, sorry- but, you cannot avail the home warranty services.

Home warranty, as suggested by its name, only drafts home service policies.

So that’s about it…


Planning or getting a home warranty plan entails both advantages and disadvantages.

One important thing you have to understand about home warranty plans is that it involves money.

That reason alone, should compel you to think twice before you get a home warranty provider.

Fortunately, you’ve got this article to begin studying home warranty from.

Then, make your move!

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