Arthur Saginian | COVID-19, Wolves and Sheep

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

COVID-19 has done many things to us, but from my perspective it has allowed me to see peoples’ true colors. It has allowed me to see how people face and deal with adversity, both real and imagined, and COVID-19 has elements of both. The “real” is the fact that it is a virus, that it gets people sick, and some of them die. The “imaginary” is that it has the potential to destroy the fabric of our lives (or something to that effect). Honestly, I don’t know why people fear it. I think 98% of what we’re experiencing right now is driven by politics, the election year, and the hysterical frenzy to get rid of President Donald Trump. Like hyenas driving a herd of wildebeest off a ledge (“Lion King”).

That aside, I think COVID-19 has revealed the zoological difference between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. In short, Republicans (conservatives) tend to be carnivores while Democrats (liberals) tend to be herbivores. To put it more bluntly (and disparagingly) Republicans tend to be wolves while Democrats tend to be sheep. COVID-19 has revealed that. My grandmother used to call these “sheep” people “vakh-got nabastak” (which is Armenian for cowardly rabbit). She predicted they would be the ruin of this country, that they would ultimately take it down with the costs of their fears and their neediness. My grandmother was a wise woman, and her prediction causes me concern. If COVID-19 doesn’t destroy our country the progressive agenda most certainly will.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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