Rob Kerchner | Ever Heard of Tides?

How does any thinking person fear a few inches of “projected” sea level rise over a century on this planet, when tides, swells, and storms

Alexander Duncan | California’s Lost Promise

As we reflect on Gavin Newsom’s four-year tenure as California’s governor, it’s evident that his leadership has significantly deviated from the Golden State’s historic commitment

Brian Richards | Default!

The country is once again in a fight about raising the debt limit (as of this writing). There is plenty of fake news and ignorance

David Hegg | Truth Must Lead

By David Hegg Well, it has begun! Once again, the race for the White House is on, and we’re about to be deluged with schlock.

Ronald Perry | A Trio of Thanks

Neil Fitzgerald: Thank you for your perfectly expressed opinion column on May 13. I just don’t understand how anyone could read your column and not

Rick Barker | Helping Others

I was raised by two very generous parents who always helped those in need when they could with food, household goods and toys, and hand-me-down