Ronald Perry | I Would Be Fired

When I was working, I would have been fired if I handled my department budget the way Gov. Gavin Newsom has handled the budget of

Jim de Bree | Are There Any Deficit Hawks?

Our national debt has increased exponentially over the past quarter-century. Many in Congress, particularly Republicans, claim to be deficit hawks who stress the importance of

Rick Barker | Finding Common Ground

In re: Gary Morrison, “Shall We Find Common Ground?” letters, Dec. 1. Mr. Morrison, if you had taken the time to actually read my letter,

Judy Reinsma | Too Much Written Combat

Perhaps, given the current situation regarding letters to the editor, you should have a weekly full-page feature. Call it the Signal Forum. Then all these

Rick Barker | Vive La Difference

As a 74-year-old who has been voting since I turned 21, I have a few observations I’d like to share with y’all no matter which