David Hegg

David Hegg | Stick to Your Values

By David Hegg With election season in full swing and electioneering filling our mailboxes and TV screens, it’s time to remind ourselves that the most

Letters to the Editor

Brian Richards | Useful Idiots!

Many of us who have been in California have lived through droughts. I remember my grandparents in Hayward capturing shower water in the early 1970s

Letters to the Editor

Rob Kerchner | Presidential Chutzpah

It takes a lot of chutzpah to stand before America and condemn the money-grubbing “rich” who “don’t pay their fair share of taxes” in a

Letters to the Editor

Diane Zimmerman | SCV Wake-Up Call

Preface: I urge as many as possible to start attending the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meetings either in person or via phone call.

Letters to the Editor

Rob Kerchner | A Mountain of Hypocrisy

Joe Biden is too old and too cognitively impaired, according to special prosecutor Robert Hur, so that’s why he won’t be charged for illegally keeping

Letters to the Editor

Ron Perry | Where the Shame Lies

First of all, Maria Wright (letter Feb. 13) please try to read more carefully before judging. I did not say E. Jean Carrol was raped;

Letters to the Editor

Rick Barker | Following City Rules

As the election for our City Council approaches, I thought it would be appropriate for the candidates to actually follow the rules of the city

Letters to the Editor

Joe Messina | Stop the Shakedown Lawsuits

California’s court system is in a bad place, hurting our small businesses. Recently, the American Tort Reform Association released a report of the worst judicial

Letters to the Editor

Hilmar A. Rosenast | A Core Difference

“A solution for homelessness?” I am still wondering what the title had to do with the issue in Mr. Arthur Saginian’s letter (April 13). Actually,

Letters to the Editor

Gerald Staack | A Bifurcated Union

The state of the union is in crisis. It’s bifurcated into those of us who want our country back from the clutches of an aristocracy

Letters to the Editor

Rob Kerchner | A Dubious Record

Historic! With the fall of Haiti, Joe Biden has now presided over a record 11 full or partial evacuations of U.S. embassies. It’s the most