Deputies: ‘Wildlife’ is responsible for the recently found, severed dog heads

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Investigators are saying that the two recently found dog heads in the Valencia area are the fault of local wildlife, and not any particular resident or person. 

In an update posted to their Facebook page on Tuesday, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station officials said the dog heads had been found by “a few local workers” who then moved the heads to a residential neighborhood.

“During their field investigation, detectives made contact with a few local workers who admitted that they had found the ‘dog heads’ in an area where coyotes and/or other wild animals are known to frequent,” said the press release distributed over Facebook. “Their intentions were to inform parties what had happened to their pets, and meant no harm.

Miller said the workers’ plan was to spread awareness about the dangers of wild animals to pet owners.

“Although not a crime, detectives counseled the workers that it was in poor taste to do so, and their actions were upsetting to our community who feared acts of animal cruelty were being committed.” 

The first dog head was found sometime around 7 p.m. on Aug. 5 near the intersection of Promontory and Cornerstone lanes. The head of an unidentified breed of dog was found on the top of a hedge underneath a lost dog sign.

The second dog head was found on Aug. 14 around the same time and around the same neighborhood, near the area of Alyssum Place and Copperstone Drive. The head was described as looking like a chihuahua, and had been found on top of an electrical box in the neighborhood.

“Through the investigation, detectives conferred with experts in the field on a statewide level, in the examination of the found dog heads,” said the Sheriff’s Station Facebook post. “The overall consensus from the experts was unanimous in the professional opinion that the dogs had been killed by a wild animal.”

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