Hart District discusses plans for upcoming online learning

The William S. Hart Union High School District office
The William S. Hart Union High School District office
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Through the use of 14 subcommittees planning for the upcoming semester, William S. Hart Union High School District officials believe they have improved upon their plan for the upcoming fall semester. 

During a presentation to the board on Wednesday, Kathy Hunter, the assistant superintendent of educational services for the Hart District, said while the teachers will use APEX and Google Classroom as online platforms for teaching, the emphasis will be on live, virtual teaching every day. 

“We want to make sure that every single classroom, every single period, teachers are teaching live,” Hunter said during the board meeting. 

Students will be using APEX and Google Classroom to complete assignments, and teachers can decide which one to put more emphasis into, but the “pinnacle” is always live teaching. 

Hunter also discussed the parent-involvement element that will be needed for distance learning to be successful. 

“This is a normal school schedule with normal expectations,” said Hunter. “Meaning if the schedule says I have Algebra 1 at 8 a.m., I have Algebra 1 at 8 a.m.. Not at 3 in the afternoon.” 

The suggestions given to the parents by the district include taking your student’s temperature every day, ensuring they have a workspace, checking the Infinite Campus portal to ensure their student is on track, and so on. 

In terms of special education, Hunter said this particular committee will continue to meet throughout the semester. 

The special education students and English learners will have developmental times during the day, which will sometimes feature breakout sessions to target students who are struggling, Hunter said. 

Schools have also provided their counselors contact information, including phone number and email, in order to ensure that kids are reached out to. Students and parents will both be able to make appointments with counselors, and other counseling services will remain available, Hunter said. 

As for elective courses, such as ones with the need for special materials at home like art, the district will be working with the WiSH Foundation to help provide those individual materials. 

The primary mode of communication for the district will be the district’s website, Hunter said. 
To learn more about the professional development resources, what the “return phases” for the school district look like, or what resources are available to students (along with any other concerns), visit https://www.hartdistrict.org/.

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