NFL: Fullbacks We Can’t Wait to See Again

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Fullback is one of the most important offensive positions in football. Not only are they the main runners, they possess amazing speed, strength, as well as providing much needed support to the quarterback and the other running backs.

This list will go through the best fullbacks playing right now. There may be some exclusions, but these players are the ones that every team needs, and that every team would spend good money on.

Roosevelt Nix

Roosevelt Nix started his career at Reynoldsburg High School, before continuing his football dream at Kent State University. Currently playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Nix has previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Gladiators, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Nix has been named in the Pro Bowl team in 2017, and was MAC Defensive and Freshman player of the year in 2010. His career at the Steelers came to a premature end due to injury but Nix can very easily find his groove at the Colts.

Running Back coach Tom Rothman has already stated his excitement at the idea of taking a veteran fullback like Nix and implementing him into the Colt’s offense. He has the ability to cause chaos for defenses, and can also be a massive contributor to the special team.

Anthony Sherman

Anthony Sherman came to light while at university in Connecticut. He played for the Arizona Cardinals from 2011 to 2013, but has spent every season since then with the Kansas City Chiefs.

2018 saw Shernan sign a one year extension to his Chiefs contract, last year saw him do the same thing, and good thing he did. He was part of the Chiefs team that went on to win the Super Bowl.

After signing another extension with the team this season, it is safe to say that many Chiefs fans will look forward to seeing one of their stalwarts and one of the longest serving players of the franchise. You can put money on him playing a pivotal role for the Chiefs this season.

Andy Janovich

The 27 year old Nebraska native has become one of the best fullbacks in the NFL over the past few years. Currently with the Cleveland Browns, he played high school football for Gretna, and college football for Nebraska, before being drafted to the Broncos.

He hasn’t quite reached the heights that many believe he can get to yet, but he is still young, and playing in the right offense will most certainly allow him to put his skill on display for the world to see.

Considering he spent last season on the touchlines due to a horrific elbow dislocation, many fans will look forward to seeing him on the field again, and hopefully rising to the occasion and helping the Browns to a successful season.

Derek Watt

Another fairly young fullback with a long career ahead of him, Derek Watt currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His career in the NFL started in 2016 when he was drafted to the LA Chargers.

Watt is an exciting prospect for the Steelers, he was voted the second best fullback in the 2016 draft, and also received the second best blocking grade in the draft. Having recently moved to the Steelers, the transfer set up a bit of a reunion.

Derek will be teaming up with his brother T.J, a player Steelers fans know really well. They are hoping this new connection will transfer into a stronger offense for the season to come.

Kyle Juszczyk

Being the first Harvard Alum to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl, Kyle Juszcyk has quickly established himself as one of the best fullbacks in the league. Playing for Harvard in his college days before being drafted to the Baltimore Ravens, Juszczyk now plays for the 49’ers.

He got his first accolade in 2010 when he got an honorable mention for the All-Ivy team, and then made the All-Ivy team in 2011, he then went on to reach the Pro Bowl 4 times between 2016 and 2019.

With his career really taking off now, and after an amazing performance against the Chiefs in last year’s Super Bowl, Juszczyk is sure to bring his A game again this season, with many excited to see it happen.

Patrick DiMarco

DiMarco is another one of those players who can easily put themselves up there as the very best in the league if he just gets the right season. Having previously played for the Chargers, Chiefs, and the Atlanta Falcons, DiMarco currently plays in Buffalo with the Bills.

2019 saw him receive 404 yards, 52 receptions, as well as 4 touchdowns. Even though the Bills aren’t at their very best right now, a player like DiMarco has the ability to be an ace up their sleeve, and many are eager to see what he can do for them this season.

These players are definitely some of the best fullbacks in the league right now. Even though the position is sometimes underutilized or underappreciated, a great fullback in your offense can sometimes make all the difference. Hopefully this season we will see some of these incredible athletes at the top of their game, exhibiting their strength and skill once again.

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