10 Things Everyone Starting A Blog in 2020 Needs To Know


Blogging sounds like something super-easy and fun, which it is, but only if you are doing it the right way and for the right reasons. It is one of the easiest things anyone can get started on, but if you don’t want to get stuck or discouraged on the way, these are the top 10 things you should know first:

Pick A Niche and Stick To It

Specialization is important in blogging and it has to be something you are passionate about. If you are passionate about forex trading, you may consider writing content that will help your target audience become successful forex traders, among other relatable content. When you have a clearly defined niche, finding and writing content that fits your audience becomes easier. It also helps you stand out from the current existence of millions of bloggers. 

Great Content is The Blogging Mantra

The success of blogging is in the content. After you have identified the niche you will blog about, strive to come up with content that is fresh and original. It should be content that  answers readers questions. Your pieces should also be backed up with evidence and statistical information. Great content maintains and attracts more traffic. 

Learning Basic SEO Will Go a Long Way

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial if you want to generate desired traffic. Well optimized content helps a blog rank high in search engines like Google, making your blog easily accessible to your targeted audience. If you can just familiarize with the simplest SEO strategies, it will be good for a start. You can easily find SEO resources online to get started.

Free Blogging Is Limiting

There are several blogging platforms and resources (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.) out there that are free to use and this is what makes them popular. However, free blogging is limiting in sense that it lacks flexibility and monetization power. If you want to command full control of your blog, you need hosting services. A self-hosted blog means you get your own web address, explore monetization openings, along other opportunities. 

Going Social Is a Blogging Necessity

You want your blog to generate traffic from all corners, right? Go ahead and utilize social media to popularize your blog. Writing blogs is one thing and getting people to read them is entirely another. Sharing content on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is an efficient way of getting user traffic. You also need to interact and network with other bloggers. Guest blog actively, and request fellow bloggers to share your posts as these are other ways to acquire traffic.

Do Not Overlook Blog Design

One thing about blogging is that it’s success lies in the details. Talking of details, blog design is not something that most bloggers give some of their attention to, but surely is equally important. A blog’s design is the first impression your readers get and you want it to be a lasting one. Also, algorithms of search engines like Google prioritize blogs with easily navigable interfaces, and not forgetting those that are mobile-friendly.

Blogging is One of The Hardest Ways to Make Money Online

You may have come across a ton of testimonials of people bragging about making a killing out of blogging, which is possible and achievable but it has to be earned. Routine creation of great content should come first, which will help your blog become popular and brand owners will start noticing you. When your blog finally commands a huge following, it is easy to monetize it, but until then, focus on solidifying it.   

Your Choice For a Domain Name Matters

This is the name that your blog associates with. It should be to the point in a manner that your readers can straight up tell what your blog is all about. For the best domain name, avoid the free ones because most of them rarely sound professional and are unnecessarily long. There are cheap domain registrars where you can get a professional sounding domain name for as low as $10 a year.

Brace Yourself For Consistency

If you want results, you have to come up with a blogging schedule and stick to it. You can choose to post at least twice a week or twice bi-weekly. Create time to connect with your readers too. It is one way of earning their trust which is a good sign. 

Familiarize Yourself With Copyright Issues

As far as blogging is concerned, don’t use someone else’s resources without their consent. On images for example, ensure you either own them or have permission from owners to use them. Sometimes all it takes it to credit the source, especially for free images. Also, strive for plagiarism-free content.

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