Things that prove you are being “Facebook cheated”


There are many things that partners usually hide from each other. It may be sex outside the established relationship, or it may be a secret bank account that you never know. The real question is how to get to know whether your partner is cheating on you or not. With the emergence of social media, the methods of cheating have also been changed. Some guys and girls do flirts outside the boundaries of their relationship that lead to a broken engagement or marriage. According to research, Twitter and Facebook users conflict due to social media use. It can even lead to divorce at the end of the worst-case scenario.

Light flirtation in person is usually fleeting and superficial, but when the communication spreads across social media, texts, and emails, your partner is available 24/7 for temptation. and a greater emotional connection. “Are you cheating on me?” you will wonder. Here are some Facebook cheating signs

1. You often get lost in your thoughts in your SMS conversations and never share what they are talking about.

When your partner laughs or responds emotionally to their device but makes no effort to let you know what’s going on in their mind right now, a thick wall is created between you.  But if your digital conversations frequently prevent her from being present with you, and you make no effort to bridge that gap, then your attention and priorities may be elsewhere.

2. Receive text messages anytime, even late at night.

Two decades ago, if your friend receives some kind of call at midnight while both of you were sleeping, it was a very good indication that your partner is not sincere with you, but the times have been changed now. With the usage of smartphones, it is a lot easier as partners rest side by side, and it is accepted to call your friends late at night.  A fancy text message from friends late at night isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, and some couples choose to relax on their devices, side by side. But when your online conversations start to unwittingly find their way into your bedroom late at night, whether it’s from your initiation or that of the other person, you may already be playing the supporting role of another relationship.

3. If you wake up at midnight and see her or him online, you can say he would be browsing. Because a lot more people have made this trend to sleep while using the phone. It’s one thing to leave your Facebook browsing idle at 3 am, but if you’re desperately trying to hide it from yourself when you wake up, you have to wonder why.

4. You are very physically possessive with your phone or iPad.

People who behave inappropriately and try to hide it often have a heightened vigilance not to get caught, and it can be seen in their automatic physical behavior. If he seems to be almost compulsive about protecting your phone, closing browser windows, or preventing you from seeing any of his communications, chances are he’s trying desperately to keep you from seeing it; he probably is a reason. This can manifest itself as a heightened surprise or irritability reaction if you pick up the phone lazily for innocent reasons.

5. You see people commenting on their Facebook wall and sharing jokes inside, but you have no idea who they are. We can all have coworkers, friends of friends, and random folks from our college debate team on our friend lists that our partner couldn’t pick from a lineup. But if someone is on your partner’s wall and seems to be displaying a level of intimacy and humor with them that you are unaware of, the fact that they haven’t talked about that person could be a sign that there is something to hide.

6. You get defensive about the time you spend on your phone or even try to accuse you of bad behavior. If your partner is doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing, they may go on the offensive first or stock up on their defenses in a desperate attempt to keep you from noticing. Maybe you won’t even have a single chat about how much time you spend on your phone, or it will quickly break your online habits.

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