Business coach Marc Galal shares 5 tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs scale up their businesses

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Marc Galal is one of Europe’s leading NLP trainers and renowned business coaches. In this article, he shares 5 tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs scale up their businesses.

Adopt the right mindset

Choice is power. Entrepreneurs have already made the most important and difficult choice – to become entrepreneurs and leave their comfort zone. Once that decision is made, business becomes a series of choices, and your mindset is one of them. You can choose to be successful, or you can choose to avoid failure. You can choose to be the best or choose to be better than you were yesterday. It’s not that one is right, and the other is wrong. It’s all about selecting the mindset which helps you leave internal blockages behind and programs you for success, wealth, and abundance.

The power of motivation

 History is a collection of what humanity is capable of – both good and bad, grand and blasé! I ask my listeners to look around and look behind before looking forward. Knowing where you come from gives you a better sense of where you are going. Use your history to solidify your “why”, the reason that drives you to do all this. That’s a handy way to stay motivated. IT will give you the power you need to jump out of your sheets every single day. Motivation, after all, is the tool that differentiates a productive day from a non-productive day. Once rightly motivated, people will outdo themselves and push their boundaries, which catalyzes growth.

Keep moving

I like to bring new ideas to life, and this keeps me going. I tell the same to my upcoming entrepreneurs – keep moving. No challenge can’t be surpassed. Obstacles will come and go, and through all that, you must retain your energy, power, and drive to grow.

Apply what you know.

 Knowledge is power. And in today’s world, everyone can claim it. I encourage entrepreneurs to read, listen, and connect with people from their industry. Yet gaining knowledge is only one half of the effort required. The other half is the application of what you know. An idea might work in theory, but to see if it works for your business can be learned only through experience. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many well-educated people fail: they gather a lot of knowledge but then just don’t know how to successfully put all their knowledge into practice. And that’s why I’ve developed a mentoring program that bridges the gap between theory and practice through accompanying coaching.

Embrace strong work ethics, especially in sales

 Last but not least, I encourage people to treat others justly. Treating others right is an acquired skill that must be developed if you wish to network with the right people. It forms an intrinsic part of your ethics and reputation as an entrepreneur.  Especially with your customers, you should always have a service mindset. Everything’s fine with convincing somebody, with letting him buy with persuading him or her. But lying or talking somebody into a purchase will always backfire. It might have worked twenty years ago, but not anymore.

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