Can’t Get to a COVID-19 Testing Center? Here’s What to Do


If you have symptoms that might indicate COVID-19, or if you’ve just learned that you’ve been in contact with an infected person, you’ll want to get tested as soon as possible. A positive result will help you work out how best to care for yourself and protect others. A negative result will mean you can relax and get on with your life – but what if you can’t get to a testing center and your doctor is unable to help? Fortunately there are other options.

Get tested for COVID-19 at home

Getting an at-home test is the simplest and safest way to find out if you’re COVID-positive. Simply call 504-370-9966 to arrange a visit. In most cases it will only take a few hours for an EMT or paramedic to reach you. Your symptoms will then be assessed and the test will be carried out. This is very quick and straightforward and it’s covered by most forms of health insurance. You will be contacted about your results in two to three days as soon as the test has been processed.

Get a same day COVID-19 test

If you’re anxious to get your results as soon as possible, you can arrange a same day COVID test by calling the same number and explaining your situation. This is a good idea if you’re in a high risk group, as it means you’ll know what to do and will be able to get the right help quickly if your health deteriorates. It’s also advisable if other people in your household are vulnerable, and it can be the most practical option if you really don’t want to have to take time off work unnecessarily.

Andrew McDermott, president of that runs the Ready program says that this service is “seeing incredible demand” and that “while COVID infection rates are skyrocketing across the country and winter arrives, people are finding it much more convenient to have a test administered right at home or work and eliminate an extra trip to an urgent care center or other testing facility where they could be at-risk for infection.”

What to do whlle you’re unsure of your status

While you’re waiting for your results, it’s best to protect yourself and other people by assuming that you’re infected. Take any worsening of your symptoms seriously. Don’t go out, and stay as far away as possible from other people in your household. Practice careful hygiene. COVID-19 is vulnerable outside the body and can be killed by alcohol or soap. If you’re finding it difficult to cope emotionally, this information on coping with COVID anxiety might help.

What to do if you get a positive test result

If you find out that you do have COVID-19, it’s important to maintain isolation measures for two weeks from the first day that you noticed symptoms. If you have no more symptoms after that time, you can go back to normal – but remember that immunity doesn’t seem to last for long in everyone, so keep on exercising caution. If you feel the need for emotional support, online therapy is an increasingly popular option.

Most people recover from COVID-19 without help, but even otherwise healthy people sometimes get dangerously ill because of it. If acetaminophen isn’t enough to manage your temperature, or if you find it really hard to breathe, you should call 911. If your symptoms last for more than 14 days or you feel seriously fatigued for more than a month afterwards, you should seek medical advice.

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