Texting Etiquette & the Unwritten Rules of Communicating in the Digital Era


Speaking about the digital era, organization and scheduling are quite important. Life is so fast that you merely get time for yourself. Therefore, dating occurs mostly online. Uptoflirt users have shared some unspoken rules we must remember and follow during an online conversation. Let’s check them and figure out common rules to keep a nice conversation!

Keep the Other Person’s Schedule in Mind

One of them is to be considerate of your partner’s schedule. First of all, try to get the hang of the schedule, and if you are planning something, keep the other person’s schedule in mind. This will avoid unnecessary drama or chaos. If this trip or event is important to you, so is your partner’s previously arranged meetings. You cannot just expect your partner to cancel everything because he/she is in love with you.

Always Respond

Everybody is dependent on some form of texting either through Whatsapp, iMessage, or another app. One of the important texting etiquette is always to respond whenever you see the message. If you are in a situation that makes it impossible, that is a different case. Other than that, text him/her that you will text later because you are busy right now.

Responding means a lot to your partner. It refers to the fact that you give your partner priority even during the busy moments. If you cannot text because you are driving, maybe you can call the person with your Bluetooth and tell the person you are driving. These subtle etiquettes are important to maintain communication.

Don’t Be Afraid to Text First

Take the first step and text your partner first. Never let your ego come in between because it will just ruin everything. Texting your partner doesn’t mean giving in. It means that you care about this person more than you know. Do you know if you text first or take the first step in anything, it boosts your self-confidence? That is true!

When you take matters into your own hands and execute even a small thing as texting or calling your partner first, you overcome your fear. Always tell yourself that if your partner puts his/her ego before and doesn’t respond properly and leaves you feeling unimportant, that person doesn’t deserve you.

Keep Your Texts Short

Well, texting is all about conveying important messages instantly. If you send long messages of more than ten sentences, people won’t be patient to read the whole thing. Instead, they would try to guess the gist of it by reading the first and the last parts. That can create further misunderstandings.

If you want to explain more and cannot fit them into small messages, it is better to call them or to meet them face-to-face. With the attention span decreasing to less than one minute, long messages are not a good option.

If You Don’t Receive a Reply Right Away, Don’t Panic

People are in different circumstances, and therefore, they might not be able to reply right away. Don’t panic and start thinking about the worse your partner doesn’t want to talk to you or is angry or doesn’t want to be with you.

Also, there can be various situations when messaging can be very dangerous, like driving. Sometimes if you are in a meeting, texting or responding can lead to an upset boss. And that can create problems at your work.

Grammar and Spelling Matter

When you are reliant on texting, you need to be careful of the spelling and grammar. Some of the mistakes can be overlooked or understood. But some of them can be misleading too. Try to avoid typing mistakes, and use the proper grammar of the language you are texting in. That will also help you to maintain integrity in the language.

When you see typos in the already sent messages, you can correct them by adding *(correct spelling) in the next message. It will help to clear out any doubts your partner has. If you are not the texting type of person, it is better to keep the messages short. Make sure your response is not just one word like “ok” or “hmm.” Keep it short but descriptive.

Watch Out with Jokes

Jokes are a crucial part of any conversation. Adding humor is something that will be amazing for you and your partner. A few things to remember is that don’t try to be extra funny because if you have to try too much, that might come out wrong. Also, the kind of joke you use is important to watch out for.

Some jokes might be funny to you, but they might be hurtful to your partner. Some jokes can be sexist, racist, or hurt his/her religious feelings. Make sure the jokes are harmless, and you are not hurting anyone’s feelings.

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