What New San Clarita Valley Residents Need to Know (As Told By SCV locals)


So, you’ve decided to relocate to San Clarita Valley. Before you start packing your bags and preparing to tour the area, you’ll want to brush-up on SCV 101, so you can live like the locals and squeeze every second of fun out of your time in Southern California. With an unlimited supply of sunshine, advanced tech manufacturing industries, wide varieties of outdoor activities, and Hollywood-style entertainment, San Clarita offers locals a diverse, fulfilling lifestyle.

With a population of just over 200,000, this fresh, quickly developing valley is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts and creative minds alike.

Are you sold yet? If so, it’s time to fill your moving truck to the brim and research enclosed auto transport services in your area. Once you’ve dotted every “i’ and crossed every “t,” you’ll be ready to live your life as a San Clarita Valley local. Take a look at what’s in store should you decide to relocate to this Southern Californian gem.

Endless outdoor fun

As you settle into your newly-developed San Clarita home, you may find it challenging to focus on unpacking with the endless outdoor ventures within walking distance. Put off unpacking off one more day and go for a ride around one of the many cycling or hiking trails located around the area. After all, San Clarita is known for its sensational landscapes and extensive trails, living up to its Canyon Country nickname.

For those more adventurous SCV residents, give kayaking a go or head to a nearby beach. Once you’ve indulged in all the outdoor recreation San Clarita Valley has to offer, you can hop on over to the local farmers market and experience fresh food, live music, and a diverse blend of locals.

Entertainment around every corner

San Clarita is a stone’s throw away from some of California’s epicenter of entertainment. Hollywood Boulevard and Universal Studios are both a short commute away, while Six Flags Magic Mountain sits in the heart of San Clarita.

If you’re in the market for a fun-filled afternoon closer to home, make your way down to Old Town Newhall, the first established town in the Valley of San Clarita. Old Town Newhall hosts extravagant block parties monthly and offers a collection of day-to-day social activities along with unique eateries and long-standing beloved mom-and-pop shops.

A developers dream

San Clarita Valley offers more than pleasant landscapes and outdoor excursions. SCV is also famous for its up-and-coming developers in technology, film, finance, and housing. As entrepreneurs continue to flock to SCV, the Valley workforce continues to thrive due to the area’s soaring population.

Experts estimate that SCV home builders will develop a whopping 30,000 homes in the coming decades, as this bright, intriguing city welcomes new faces and new beginnings. Between state-of-the-art aerospace projects taking shape and film crews pitching their tents on main streets, this busy city promises endless excitement and ambitious futures for those seeking permanent residence in San Clarita.

Final word

Local, long-time residents of San Clarita attest to the valley’s one-of-a-kind spunk, describing the city and its many subcommunities as welcoming, family-friendly, and full of life. Passionate local outdoor enthusiasts, booming tech and manufacturing industries, and unlimited access to Vitamin D are just a few of the amenities that come with the San Clarita lifestyle. Schedule a trip or tour the area today to see the magic in action.

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