8 Pro Tips to Boost Your Instagram Reach to Next Level


If Instagram is a sea, your Instagram reach is a ship that guides you towards the ultimate growth you aim for. For this purpose, it is important to maintain a steady engagement on the platform. 

There are many ways to increase your Instagram reach. From posting regularly to staying up-to-date with your insights, you will have to consistently maintain your profile for meeting your Instagram reach goals. 

It’s true that increasing your reach organically will take a good amount of time and effort. However, if you want to speed this process up, a great idea would be buying Instagram likes and views

This is because an impressive number of post likes and views lends your brand the credibility to attract an increased amount of followers and engagement. This in turn increases your brand reach on the platform. 

Here are 8 easy-to-follow tips to increase your reach on Instagram:

Encourage Engagement 

Instagram engagement lays the foundation for a successful reach. The two main ways you can use Instagram engagement for this purpose include:

  • Hosting a contest that would either get people to engage with you or increase its reach by being shared on your followers’ stories or perform both functions at the same time.
  • Calling for action or asking questions to make your followers interact with you on your posts.  

A few examples of driving engagement through contests include, “To win this giveaway, tag a friend who has their social media game on point,” “To enter, drop the craziest emoji party combo you can think of in the comments below.” Posting things that get users excited about your brand is always a great marketing opportunity.

Instagram engagement also means how you build meaningful relationships with your followers. This can be done by making your followers feel valued and cared for by being attentive to their every comment, dm, and story mention (at least when you’re only starting).  

Another great way to trigger Instagram engagement to increase your reach is by purchasing authentic services like followers, likes, and views from reliable companies like the site  https://www.leoboost.com

Have Fun with Instagram Stories 

Since Instagram Stories retain the most important position on the app, it’s important to take advantage of them by staying on top of your followers’ feed. 

If your stories are regularly viewed by followers, you will stand a good chance to rank higher on their Instagram feeds. 

Make sure your stories are not overstuffed with promotional content only. Instead make use of this feature to show things like behind-the-scenes clips, what you are working on at the moment, and so on. Since humans are social beings, they are sure to find Instagram stories to be more relatable than anything else.

Go Live Often 

Since Instagram is a social media platform, its users naturally prefer the content that they can interact with. This is where you can leverage Instagram’s live video feature. 

Going live also highlights your profile photo with its live logo, which can encourage your followers to click on it. 

Through live video, you can keep your followers engaged by having a real-time Q&A session, giving them a tour of your home or office, or running a small event. 

Focus on Creating Video Content

Since Instagram makes watching videos easy and seamless, brands tend to receive 38% more engagement on videos when compared to posts. Talking about engagement, videos are also likely to receive more comments than images. 

This creates a great opportunity for you to experiment with video content using the app’s diverse video features like stories, reels, IGTV, and video posts. 

Once you understand what your audience likes, you can continue creating videos that suit their preferences, thereby increasing your engagement and reach. 

Create Tailored Instagram Posts

Creating tailored posts involves creating content specifically for a particular platform. Since every social media platform is different, posting similar content everywhere may make your posts look repetitive. 

The reason tailored Instagram posts work well on Instagram is because this platform requires you to focus more on the visual side of the post. 

By creating unique visual content for Instagram, you can ensure that your audience appreciates your content by liking and sharing it. 

Generate User-Generated Posts

UGC or User-generated content involves content that is created by people featuring a specific brand. When brands make use of UGC, they let other Instagram users create content that features them. This not only helps brands gain the right exposure for their products and services but also helps them gain more followers. 

User-generated content not only boosts your engagement levels but also help that content reach far and wide on the platform. Some brands have known to increase their Instagram following by over 500% simply through user-generated content. 

Make Use of Instagram Ads 

The reason Instagram ads work so well is that they use powerful databases to reach a highly targeted audience. You will need to have a business profile if you want to use these ads to increase your reach. 

While Instagram ads cost money, they can be highly efficient in terms of organically increasing your reach. The different types of Instagram ads involve photo ads, stories ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and Explore Page ads. 

By understanding how Instagram ads work, you can figure out the best way to get your own ads out there. 

Figure Out the Best Times for Posting 

Instagram uploads tend to fade away due to the constant, and infinite content addition on the platform. This is why it’s always smart to post at a time when a majority of your followers are active for increased engagement and discoverability. 

To find out what your best posting timings are, you can open your Instagram business profile and tap on Instagram Insights. Finding optimal post timings will help you maintain consistency while increasing your content’s exposure. 

To Conclude

While Instagram acts as a great marketing tool for brands, influencers, and other organizations, its main goal is to let users have a fun experience. This is why your marketing techniques should also aim to create these experiences among your followers. That being said, you are now ready to reach the Instagram reach that you have always wanted. 

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