Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2021

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We are aware that 2020 was a year that was too difficult, different, and complicated for everyone, a year that took us by surprise. However, in the case of 2021, we already know to some extent what to expect. For that very reason, we must adapt to the times, and there is nothing better to do with the ten best marketing strategies for 2021.

We live in a complex, continually changing world. 2020 was a clear example of that, and adapting is not precisely something simple. Many companies have had to close, tiny ones. We don’t live in a comfortable situation, but we hope you have a better year. That’s why the paper writer shares with you the top 10 marketing strategies for 2021.

Optimize your site for Google’s next update.

New metrics called Core Web Vitals will measure a site’s load time, interactivity, and content stability. In this way, many rankings will change, and several websites will lose positions if they do not adapt to these new metrics released in May 2021.

The most important thing is the user, and anything that could annoy the user can negatively affect the website, which will seriously affect the website’s positioning. It means that we will have to learn a lot about Core Web Vitals and optimize our websites.

The sites and their different elements should load as fast as possible. At no time should they leave the user waiting.

The loading speed must be optimized. It is also essential that while the user starts browsing, no change happens in design, especially when scrolling through it. Not addressing these issues can cause a website to plummet in Google rankings, and that is why it is one of the most essential 2021 marketing strategies.

Foster direct customer relationships

We must keep in mind that 2021 and probably the years that follow. The Internet will become very important for most companies. Today, many companies of all sizes have managed to survive thanks to the Internet and all its opportunities.

But that means that more and more competition is entering the network. To stand out from the crowd, a strong marketing campaign and quality products are not enough. Customer service is essential, especially if it is personalized.

This way, you will be able to personalize content for a specific customer. The results are incredible, and customers feel appreciated by the company, something that adds unique value. Many people appreciate better human treatment than the value of the product itself.

Pay close attention to social media.

One trend that is getting stronger and stronger is social media, and 2020 is a year that managed to boost social media overwhelmingly. During 2020 we find stores for Facebook as well as Instagram. It allows users to buy products directly from the mentioned platforms.

It is expected that by 2021 social commerce will be quite strong and help customers find products much faster. It opens doors for marketers to provide their products directly to potential customers.

The importance of customer retention

Many brands are struggling to recover from 2020, and others that unfortunately had to give up. You don’t necessarily need to focus so much on acquiring new customers; perhaps the key is to keep the ones you already have happy.

We live in an uncertain economy, one day, one thing happens, and the next day the paradigm changes completely. So the idea is to build loyalty with existing customers to be relatively sure of keeping them with us as long as possible.

How can we do this? In many ways, from personalized notifications in our applications to loyalty incentives if a customer downloads our app. This is where your imagination comes into play and what you are willing to invest in keeping your customers happy.

We have to keep in mind that keeping existing customers happy is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. Brands generally overlook the first stage of customer engagement.

Build customer trust

The pandemic has accelerated a trend where consumers want to spend money on brands that share their values. They also want to spend money on brands they can trust.

Colin Palfrey, marketing director at Majesty Coffe, said that consumers become more selective when spending their money. They need to know that they are spending it with shares the same values and has their best interests at heart.

What do we do to build trust? Propose and, most importantly: deliver on it. We are talking about promising something and delivering on it. This undoubtedly ends up generating great confidence in the consumer.

The development of communities

Possibly one of the most complicated things to achieve, but it gives considerably positive results. The idea of building a community is not something new on the Internet. However, it is something that brands should pay a lot of attention to in 2021.

Generating trust, being transparent, facing different situations with humility make people feel empathy, confidence and want to be part of your company’s community.

In 2021 it is essential to invest in customer retention and customer loyalty; building customer loyalty is critical.

Local SEO

While it certainly goes hand in hand with one or another of the points mentioned above. The truth is that nowadays, people want to stay close to home, but they also want to support local small businesses. Therefore, it is considered necessary that your Google My Business account is optimized and active.

The reviews from our customers are part of this, and it is a normal part of it. People looking for a company on the Internet usually focus a lot on other people’s comments, opinions, and experiences to know if it is convenient to hire that company or not.

Pay a lot of attention to videos.

Video marketing is and will be increasingly important. We must take into account that by 2022 85% of internet traffic will be focused on videos. Following this trend in 2021, the situation does not seem to be much different. TikTok has more than 500 million active users, and we are talking about a single social network.

To this one, we should add YouTube, Instagram, etc. There are many, and videos are what users consume the most. Taking advantage of these social networks and making short promotional videos is a golden opportunity to promote products.

Live broadcasting

It goes hand in hand with the previous point and several others we have mentioned above. Performing a live broadcast with our customers is one of the best marketing strategies for 2021. It is a way to personalize the treatment, even laugh, to let them see the company’s human side and connect.

It generates empathy, trust and will make the customer feel at ease with our company. In this way, we achieve customer loyalty.

Automate as much as possible

Marketing automation is something that can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Automation allows employees to be free from routine and tedious tasks, enabling them to perform optimally for other more critical studies.

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