Can Linen Dress Be Washed?

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The answer to the above question is yes. While washing this fabric, consider the tag placed by the manufactures. Regular cleaning and maintenance retain the ambiance freshness of fiber. Linen dresses are also a very durable and easily maintained textile. While more of this information is available here, we will look at a few tips on how to clean linen dresses. 

Methods of Washing Linen dresses 

Washing linen is a very simple process. The method of maintenance and care chosen determines the purpose of your linen. Linen fabric is the most favorite textile in the world. Linen is a smart choice due to its durable quality and its contemporary look. Linen uses range from making curtains, beddings, clothing, upholstery, and furniture. The application of the fabric determines the method of washing it. Hand wash, machine wash, and dry clean methods clean linen fabric. Following cleaning, recommendation helps in fabric quality maintenance. Any cleaning method helps to get the best out of the fabric linen. Careful instructions are given by the manufacture adhered to before your fabric linen washing. Manufacture recommends specific wash to that particular piece of linen. However, the following methods are suitable for fine linen cleaning.

Machine Wash

Curtains, or clothing, among other items, can be machine-washed. Based on color, separation is essential while washing. Avoid dark-color washing with light-colored fabric. Wash your linen away from a different material. For commercial or household machine wash, keep the temperatures of water cold or at least lukewarm. Hot water causes fibers to weaken or shrinks the fabric. Other tips include: 

  • · Maintain your fiber intact by gently using cycle
  • · For even cleaning, do not overload the machine
  • · To avoid bleach, use a detergent, which is mild

Hand Wash

Combine a teaspoon of detergent, preferably mild, with lukewarm water in a washing container during hand washing. The container must hold your fabric adequately. Soak your cloth for approximately ten minutes. Move the linen dresses using your hands around the washing container. Do not scrub or twist your fabric to avoid fiber damage. Refill the sink after draining the water. Repeat the procedure until the total removal of the detergent is achieved.

When the fabric is used for pillows or upholstery, hand wash looks different. It is essential to look at the manufacture’s tag for the cleaning code or directions attached. The attached tag may indicate ‘W’ use of mild detergent and water cleaning. The label indicating ‘S’ requires cleaning solvent—any hotter water than lukewarm damages the fiber. More information about cleaning linen dresses is available at

Dry Cleaning

Linen is made of flax fibers. Natural fibers wrinkles easily, and hence dry-cleaning is essential. Although washing linen is acceptable, dry cleaning saves you time.

Drying Methods

Place pre-washed linen in a low heat dryer. This will assist in removing wrinkles linen associated. Remove the linen when they are still damp. Use air-drying for a large piece of linen that cannot fit in the dryer.

Pressing Methods

Apart from air dying, remove wrinkles by pressing your linen. Iron your linen while still damp at the low medium setting of temperature.

Other Techniques of Cleaning

Bleaching discolors the fabric, weakening fiber flax hence not recommended. If stained, remove the stain the soonest as possible. Stain soaks linen dresses in a water-detergent solution. Spot clean linen with baking soda, soda club, or white vinegar, and then blot the stain with a towel. In case of unsuccessful spot clean, use dish soap to rub the stain to remove possible dirt. After rubbing the linen, use the washing method of your choice. Regular maintenance performance retains the fresh feel of your linen.


Linen dresses can be washed. While washing this fabric, consider the tag placed by the manufacturers. Regular cleaning and maintenance retain the ambiance freshness of fiber. Linen is also a very durable and easily maintained textile. Visit this link for more information about linen clothes: 

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