How to Understand That You Fell in Love With a Girl: 5 Signs of Butterflies in the Stomach


Love is the meaning of human life, love is the most beautiful feeling in the world … At least that’s how they broadcast from TV screens because, in the modern world, love is also a reliable way to sell something. But how to understand whether you fell in love, poisoned, or maybe accidentally drank the wrong pills?

Five signs of falling in love: I’m not a dope fiend, I’m a romantic!

A lot of things were really dreamed up around love. Everyone says that this is something incredible and amazing. Love has become synonymous with happiness. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to understand how you feel.

Often people don’t experience such strong, vivid, dramatic emotions while girls dating as in the movies. It happens that love is just a desire to be closer and a feeling of warmth next to a person, and not any kisses against the background of the sunset and the sinking of the Titanic.

Moreover: you can deny your feelings. Why? For example, you may be afraid of rejection. Or subconsciously consider love and attachment to someone as a weakness, and to be weak, to be vulnerable is scary.

Here are the main signs of falling in love:

  • Euphoria. Yesterday everything was infuriating, but now the whole world seems beautiful and amazing. Euphoria can be expressed much milder. The bottom line is one thing: unreasonably good mood, lightness, and a desire to see the good in everything.
  • You care about your appearance. Perhaps you began to shave more carefully, to choose your clothes more thoughtfully? Want to buy a new perfume or start attending the gym?
  • You often think about her. Not necessarily around the clock, but several times a day, thoughts steadily return to her. Where is she? What is he doing? Would she like this movie? When will you see her next time? And the last time we met, she said she was reading Bradbury… maybe I should read it too? Even if you are busy or in pleasant company.
  • Everything reminds you of her. When you see someone walking with a Labrador, you remember that she wants a dog of this breed. When you pass a bakery, you remember that she is constantly losing weight and suffering without her favorite buns. You can imagine the smell of her perfume, see her in the crowd, all the girls with her hair color now make your heart skip a beat: what if she?! In fact, this is quite normal: that’s how the human brain works.
  • You are interested in everything that interests her. You prefer movie comics, but she mentioned some abstruse director, and now you are already sincerely trying to delve into the peculiarities of the Norwegian art house.

The bottom line

Love isn’t necessarily passionate kisses in the rain. Sometimes, it’s the warmth and joy of having a girlfriend with you. Concern about her problems, interest in her opinion. Being cinematic-passionate or calmer — these feelings can really bring happiness. Not the same as in the movies, but real.

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