Bitcoin and Gaming – the Beginning of a Fruitful Relationship

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There’s no such thing as having too many video games. That’s because the industry has produced plenty of them and produces more of them each year. There’s just no end to them and the number of gamers across the world. How does this happen?

Well, the thing is that the industry keeps track of tech advances. By doing so all aspects of gaming are improved. The systems supporting the games get better parts, which enables them to support the new games and take the gaming experience to another level. It’s how the mobile industry was catapulted to success.

Besides the improving systems, there have been other kinds of trends. One of them is the Bitcoin trend. This virtual currency has many benefits that it brings to users among which is the profit potential. As a result of its popularity, it’s a viable payment method at several online gaming venues.

But the role of Bitcoin in the gaming industry isn’t just that. It’s much more. In other words, developers were inspired by this trend and made sure to produce several Bitcoin titles. They have gotten positive feedback which makes them the first successful Bitcoin games on the market.

They come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you’re looking for such a game to try out, then here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

The first suggestion is actually an app that lets you practice Bitcoin trading. With Bitcoin Hero, you’ll get a virtual market of assets with real-time prices and tools to analyze the market. In short, you’ll get all you need when it comes to getting the basic skills of Bitcoin trading. But trading by yourself is quite difficult which is why there’s a second option.

This option comes in the form of trading platforms like This platform will do the trading for you, but first, you’ll need to set it. Naturally, you’ll need an account if you’re going to use its services and a small deposit that will serve as your starting budget. Then you need to go over several tutorials and a demo lesson to get the hang of the settings. Once you feel comfortable with the platform, then you can take it for a test with a live session. Afterward, you can increase your trading budget, adjust the setting, and experiment as much as you want.


Unlike the first suggestion, Splinterlands is a trading card game that offers you all kinds of cards from many factions. Just like most card games, you’ll need to play against lots of opponents and win so you can get better cards.

In that way, you’ll also become a skilled duelist and you’ll be able to take on multiple opponents. The game also uses the blockchain system so you get to keep what you win. Finally, you can use Bitcoin to buy cards and other collectibles in Splinterlands.

Merge Cats

Merge Cats is a delightfully simple app that lets you merge cats as the title suggests. This means you’ll see all kinds of cats and you’ll need to merge the right ones. This makes Merge Cats a matching game you can play in your free time. Also, this title offers daily challenges that if you complete, you’ll get prizes in various amounts of Bitcoin. What a game!


These 3 games are only the first of many Bitcoin games to come. Since the gaming industry is an industry that moves forward with the times, it’s evident that Bitcoin will have an important role in the future. It has already made a name for itself in the industry and it only remains to see how impactful it will become.  

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