ATM skimmers reported at various SCV locations

A photo provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department details how some of the scamming machines work.

A handful of reports regarding fake hardware and software on ATM/credit machines has resulted in the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station releasing information and tips for residents on how to be aware.  

“ATM skimmers are credit/debit card readers hidden within an ATM card reader,” Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials said in a news release distributed over their social media platforms. “A thief will compromise the machine, allowing them to have access to stolen data.” 

Officials gave the following tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud:  

-There appears to be any form of tampering, such as graphics not aligned right; 

-The keypad appears too thick, off centered, or loose; 

-Lights on the keypad do not light up; 

-Multiple attempts are required in order for your card to work; 

-The seal has been broken. 

“Further recommendations include using ATMs inside a location where it is harder for thieves to tamper with because of constant supervision, and always check your bank statements for suspicious activity,” officials said. “Some banks allow for you to receive alerts when a certain cap amount is charged.” 

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