Choosing between Booths vs. Bar Stools


Getting the furniture for your restaurant is a fairly long process. Before getting your items, you need to get your space prepped, measured, and ready to go. Of those three things, the most important one is to measure your space. Several things depend on these measurements, but the biggest one is your choice of furniture. 

In order to have a good restaurant, you should have a variety of furniture. This means both a variety of pieces, from booths to high tops, and also having a variety of different sized tables. Having this kind of diversity both expands your seating capacity and also provides your guests with more options. In addition to those points, having a variety of furniture is also a very trendy way to decorate your restaurant. 

Since having different types of furniture is clearly advantageous to your restaurant, it’s important to choose the styles you would like to have the most. While every restaurant owner would love to have all types of furniture, there is only so much space in a restaurant, so you will inevitably have to pick and choose. Of course, normal chairs and high-tops are a must, there are some pieces that not every restaurant needs; these are booths and bar stools. 

Both bar stools and booths are great to have in your restaurant, however, there is usually only room for one. So how do you choose? Since it’s a tough choice, here are some pros and cons to both pieces. Regardless of your choice, either would be a great addition to your restaurant. 

Bar Stools

Bar stools are a fun choice of seats to have in your restaurant. They appeal to a few groups of customers: solo diners, pairs who want to eat quickly, and people who want to watch sports. Bar stools are most commonly found in sports bars and other bars because they’re a great way for people to sit, have a drink, and be social. Bar stools for restaurants are more for the other two groups. The first one, solo diners, are usually people who are eating out on business and want some occasional conversation that they can get with the bartender. The other group are usually friends or couples who come in, want a drink or two and to eat something quickly. These are great demographics to have in your restaurant because they usually have a higher bill due to alcohol sales.    

While the guests who come in are great, another benefit of having bar stools is that you can truly maximize your seating space since you won’t have single diners taking up a whole table to themselves. Bar stools are also relatively low maintenance pieces and regardless of their material, they’re easy to take care of. 

Even though they’re great, bar stools can also have disadvantages. If not chosen carefully, they can be rather uncomfortable, usually due to the incorrect height and width measurements of the chair. You don’t want chairs that don’t fit under your bar or are too big for the space, so make sure you measure your area carefully before buying stools. 


One of the most classic pieces of restaurant, booths are great to have too. These are especially great for hosting larger parties, family nights, or friendly reunions. Depending on the booth, there can be between four and eight people in a booth. Obviously this appeals to people, especially those who want to eat a nice dinner with a small group. This lets you eat together and gives you more privacy than a normal table. 

While these are great advantages, one disadvantage of booths is that they’re fairly large and take up a good amount of space. Even if it’s just a regular four person booth, it covers a lot of area. Also, booths can sometimes require more maintenance, depending on the material used to cover the seat. Be sure to keep both of these potential issues in mind when looking around. 

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